4 iPad apps for travelers

There are various apps that exist nowadays that can help improve your travel experience. Whether it comes to planning, providing information on place to visit or even translation, there are plenty of iPad and iPhone apps that you can choose from. In this article I will be sharing about 4 useful apps that may be helpful when it comes to traveling.



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travelocity logoThis is a cool app that will allow you to book your flight and hotel from the comfort of your iPad. One of the exclusivity of the app on iPad is that you will be able to get some interesting deals that are reserved only for guests that are on the move. Besides these benefits, Travelocity will offer you feature such as maps, itineraries, photos and description of hotels to help you make your choice quickly and easily.

travelocity screen



tripit logoThis is a classic travel app that any serious traveler must have on his device. In essence, this is a travel organizer that will create useful itinerary by using all your confirmation emails sent by other service providers such as hotels, flights etc. This can be really useful if you are quite busy to plan a proper itinerary. The good thing is that your itinerary will be available on your iPad offline which can be really great if you find yourself in an area with no internet connection.

tripit screenshot

Voice Translator by Bravo


Are you planning to visit a foreign country but you do not master the home language well? Then this app will come in handy. There are more than 65 languages that are stored in this app database and should be sufficient for most countries that you are planning to visit. Furthermore the app will also allow you to send the translated text via email or sms if the need arise.

voice translator by bravo

Amtrak App


amtrak logoAmtrak will be useful if you are planning to take the train during your holidays. Just as all travel apps, you will be able to book your train, and check the status of your train on the go. You can even modify your bookings through the app if ever the need arise. Definitely recommended for all frequent travelers that need to take the train.

amtrak screenshot

Ipad apps can be really useful when it comes to improving your travelling experience. Just make sure that you familiarize yourself with the app before leaving home so that you do not have any unpleasant surprise abroad.

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