King of Kernels – Kernel Comparison (HTC One X)

I often read people asking which kernel is the best for the HTC One X,and to be honest, i wanted to know for myself too.Thats why i decided to test them all very intensive and see which one is the right for me…I have to say some things before i start,just today HTC released a new kernel source based on 2.17 and because of this most kernel devs will switch to that and my results will be partially outdated.

HTC kernel

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But i didn’t wanna be all work useless so i will still do this comparison but it will be shorter as intended. But maybe i will do an update if the new kernels are ready.

All tests were done on Domination CM10, so result should be comparable on all aosp/aokp JB roms atl least partially.

I didn’t include any benchmark scores or such thing intentionally.One reason was to keep it simple and short and the other was,that it was more important for me how the kernels handled daily use than how they scored.

BT calls didn’t work yet on any kernel, only BT Music/Audio so far,but that will be fixed soon i hope.


OK, here are all the tested kernels in no particular order that i tested.

Kernels that were tested:

Franco R16

Eternity 0.61 OC/regular

Faux 7m/u

TripNDroid 011A

NCX 0.99b Oc/noOC


Franco R16

+very smooth ; very good performance ; stable ; above average battery life

BT pairing issue ; volume wake is flaky ;


Eternity 0.61 regular

+super smooth ; really top notch, awesome performance ; BT working;stable;

volume wake flaky ; huge battery drainer, in standby as in use ; worst battery of all tested kernels ; sometimes screen needs up to 3 seconds till its on

Eternity 0.61 OC

sorry, couldn’t get it to work stable, maybe unlucky, but speed seems amazing for the short time i could use it


Faux 7m

+good performance ; good battery life ; stable

BT pairing issue ; volume wake flaky ; almost constant microloags(but this is critic on a very high scale,still way better than every ICS Sense roms performance)

Faux 7u

+awesome performance but similar microlags like m but at bit less noticable ; good battery life in relation to speed ; stable

BT pairing issue ; volume wake flaky ; microlags


TripNDroid 011A

+BT working;volume wake fixed and working(trip created the fix,so all thx to him for that)

worst performance of all tested kernels with a noticable gap ; lots of microlags, much more noticable than on faux

have to mention i finished the test early because of the poor performance and lags so cant say anything about battery life and the rest


NCX 0.99b noOC (volume wake fix not officialy included yet,but worked fine on my test kernel)

+good performance ; by way best battery life of all tested kernels ; BT working ; volume wake fixed and working(again thx to trip) ; stable

not top notch perfomance but battery life was priority of this anyways and its about on par with faux 7m but with better battery life


NCX 0.99b OC

+awesome perfomance ; BT working,stable ; superb battery life in relation to speed ; stable

volume wake fix not yet included(but should be done soon,very soon)




Perfomance King

In terms of perfomance I couldn’t really decide a winner.

Place 1 goes to Eternity regular and ncx 0.99b OC,eternity was slightly smoother,in fact the smoothest of all but had some rare bigger lags,but nothing really even worth noticable.

ncx was therefore a bit more constant in fluidity getting very very close to the smoothness of eternity.Also gaming perfomance was slightly better.

Its a preference things which to favor,eternity reached a level of fluidity i haven’t seen this way on others, don’t know how to describe it.

Faux 7u would have come very close and if it didn’t those microlags mentioned before it would be a tie between the 3 of them.

Faux7m/Franco R16/ncx 0.99b noOC make a very respectable 3rd place, they are to much on par to decide,maybe Franco but only every so slightly

Sadly i have to say Trips kernel is the last one here,had high expectation because of his reputation but it just couldn’t hold up against the rest.But Trip is very progressive and his kernel is completly build up from ground without any code from HTC, thats something we have to highly respect and appreciate and he also created many fixed for several bugs.


Battery king

clear winner without any doubt is ncx 0.99b noOC, by far the best results in every aspect

ncx 0.99b OC needs to be mentioned here because it can even outperform others in terms of battery life but still being the fastest also.

Faux 7m is very close in terms maybe a hint better but cant reach nowhere near the perfomance of ncx.

Franco´s as mentioned was above average but not as good as the winners here

Clear looser here is sadly one of the performance kings,eternity,battery life was horrible,especially standby drain but it wasn’t really any better in usage. Its a shame, if kholk would have got it close or on par with ncx in terms of battery this would have been a real awesome 1:1 battle for the title.


Overall King of Kings

The title goes fair and sqaure to ncx 0.99b OC

Best performance but still mentaining superb battery life made the win here.

This kernel is just a joy to use

2nd  overall would be faux 7u but battery life cant compete with the winner.

3rd, a tie between Franco R16 and ncx 0.99b nopOC, Franco with slightly better perfomance and ncx with best battery life but still very good performance and has the least bugs(one  of  two kernels with fixed volume wake)


Last words

i wanna congratulate the winner here.Title for perfomance and battery, even if not with the same kernel, thats impressive nonetheless.

n3ocort3x is the name of the award winnig kernel dev and i wanna thank him so much for the work he put into the kernel and what he achieved here.He is the newest dev of all the used kernels here and he learned from the best , as he states in his thread.Nothing he has achieved would have been possible without the amazing help and tips of all the kernel devs of xda working on the HOX.

n3o´s support is absolutely superb and deserves to be mentioned particulary, he answers every question in incredible speed and is constantly working on improving his kernel.He is also every time there to help if someone has trouble with his kernel.

His rate of releasing new versions is almost scary but yet impressive.


But of course all other Devs here deserve a big thx too.

But the title says “King of Kernels”, so i had to crown one,and who knows how the next comparison will end.

Also show-p1984 with his bricked kernel which didn’t make it in the test,because his kernel was just to old and outdated.

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