HTC Launches One S Featuring 1.7GHz Processor

HTC, the Taiwanese company now launches the its new phone HTC One S which contains the most powerful processor which is hardly seen in mobiles. The phone features a 1.7 GHz Snapdragon S3 processor which is makes this phone among one of the most powerful phones.

The availability, price and other specifications of the phone are not out yet but soon the company will disclose the looks and the features like the camera and other key features of the phone. HTC recently launches phones like HTC One V which has already gained a lot of popularity and then further launching these phones could simply raise the demands of the HTC smart phones.

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The Taiwanese company also faced a patent issue with Apple because of which now HTC phone are checked at the customs before they enter the US market. Recently launched phones HTC One V have already cleared the customs and is now available in US.

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