How to Improve Your Android Phone Performance

If you are an IT man then you must have heard about the kernals . here it is an easy way to improve your Anroid phone performance by simply flashing a new ROM on your Android phone with a new kernel.

You must have heard that inserting a new ROM ( Read Only Memory ) can boost your Android performance but here is something new, you can easily boost your performance by inserting a new kernel.

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Now yor phone will support all the heavy application and also will hardly hang and most importantly it will work very smoothly.


Some kernels support different CPU Governers, which take care the way in which your phone speed up or down its clock speeds as you use it. There are many other kinds you’ll discover, including Conservative, which focus on battery life by making changes to your CPU gradually when required and saves your battery, Interactive, which stresses more on performance and processing by scaling up the CPU faster; InteractiveX, which is like Interactive but scales the CPU down when your screen is off (for better battery life); and Smartass, which is just like Conservative but have more factors into account when ramping up the CPU.

Further there will be post on how to insert a new kernel on your Android phone and so till then give a lok at some other articles.

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