Lenovo Can Become the Largest PC Maker in World

Lenovo is slowly climbing up the ladders to become the world’s largest PC maker leaving behind HP and other major brands like Dell and Acer. If Lenovo becomes the world’s largest PC maker then surely it will be the first Chinese company that would come to the first spot in the major industry.

The CEO of Lenovo Yang Yuanquing announced earlier this year that Company will be distributing a bonus of $3 million among its workers on low level workers like the factory workers. The bonus, now has been now distributed among the 10,000 employees and factory workers which is encouraging the workers  to work more dedicatedly for the company.

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Lenovo is has recently introduced the Ultrabook Laptop and also Tablets which are  becoming very popular among the people. Further in future Lenovo will also launch some models of smart phones which would further rise the company up.

Lenovo Tablet sales are rising up fast so on viewing this growth, Lenovo immediately started the production for its smart phones which might launch by the end of this year.


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