Sony Playstation Phone (Zeus Z1) First Hands-On [VIDEOS]

A while back, there has been rumors going around about a new phone from Sony called the Playstation phone. This phone should allow you to make calls, text, and much more! Most importantly, it would let you play games on it with Android as its operating system (as a PSP!). Below are videos of leaked Sony Playstation Phones.

This might mean that Sony is attempting to make this possible. Will this product sell more than Steve’s Job’s device? The device as shown in the video runs Android 2.3 Gingerboard with a dedicated PlayStation app which of course confirms that it’s official from Sony itself.

Here’s the two videos:

Google Ads:

Anyway, I think that we’ll see this Playstation phone very soon. More updates as they come, stay tuned ! [via Engadget]

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