Geohot Releases PS3 Root Keys ! PS 3 is Now Pwned for Life !

Couple of days back, we informed you about a small group of German hackers called fail0verflow who found an exploit dubbed as the PlayStation 3’s “private key”, which is used by Sony itself to restrict the access to unsigned code and block pirated software.

props to fail0verflow for the asymmetric half
no donate link, just use this info wisely
i do not condone piracy

if you want your next console to be secure, get in touch with me. any of you 3.
it’d be fun to be on the other side.
…and this is a real self, hello world

Google Ads:

shouts to the guys who did PSL1GHT
without you, I couldn’t release this

Now, this prodigy hacker Geohot has released PS 3 Root Keys publicly on his own site beside thanking the fail0verflow team. He also encouraged them to contact him if they want their “next console to be secure”. From now on, developers can make their own applications, custom firmwares or even pirated ISOs without facing any kind of problems. Well, well, well. What’s next geo? [PSX-Scene]

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