For Facebook Users, Your Phone Numbers are exposed by Evil App

Evil, a new app designed by Tom Scott, He just want to prove that users are sharing their personal info on the web. The App is simple, You can visit the website and you will be able to see a list of six constantly changing Facebookers whose numbers are out there for all to see. Tom Scott has censored the last four digits of the appeared Facebook Users as he says in the site’s Q&A: “It’s called Evil, not diabolic.”

You can see this post in the site that explains How it works, and Why, and Everything:

How does it work?
There are uncountable numbers of groups on Facebook called “lost my phone!!!!! need ur numbers!!!!!” or something like that. Most of them are marked as ‘public’, or ‘visible to everyone’. A lot of folks don’t understand what that means in Facebook’s context — to Facebook, ‘everyone’ means everyone in the world, whether they’re a Facebook member or not. That includes automated programs like Evil, as well as search engines.

Just navigate your browser to the website and check it yourself. and you can Check out this video of how it works below:

Google Ads:

So, Do you think Facebook is losing his Users, Do you think they have mistakes in the privacy?
Keep updated with us for News on this topic.

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