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Beats Fit Pro Review

Beats Fir Pro review

Beats Fir Pro review

The Beats Fit Pro joined the crowded wireless earbuds scene, with this new edition of earbuds striving to create its own niche by introducing stylish design and great functionalities. The Beats brand, which is owned by Apple, introduced these earbuds as a sportier version of the Apple AirPods Pro, trying to combine aesthetics and performance. Boasting a wonderful design, the Beats Fit Pro also incorporates a wide range of features, which are designed to offer the best experience for users who enjoy being active. One specifically great feature is the wing tip of the earbuds, ensuring perfect fit even while working out intensely.

Given the lineage of Apple and the Beats brand’s penchant for bass-driven sound, expectations are naturally high. Here’s a snapshot of the Beats Fit Pro specifications:

Beets Fit Pro: Key Features Overview
Price $199
Colors Black, sage gray, stone purple, white
Battery Life 6 hours (ANC on), 7 hours (ANC Off)
Total Battery Life 27 hours (ANC on with charging case), 30 hours (ANC off with charging case)
Connectivity Bluetooth 5
Processor H1
Size (Earbud) 0.75 x 1.18 x 0.94 inches
Weight (Earbud) 0.2 ounces
Size (Charging Case) 1.12 x 2.44 x 2.44 inches
Weight (Charging Case) 1.94 ounces

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Priced at $199, and available in a palette of colors including black, sage gray, stone purple, and white, the Beats Fit Pro promises an immersive audio experience with active noise cancellation, extended battery life, and integration into the Apple ecosystem. Yet, while they manage to outperform some siblings in the Beats lineup, they’re not without their challenges in a market where giants like Bose and Sony dominate with advanced offerings.

This review strives to provide a detailed look at the Beat Fit Pro, breaking down the earbuds’ strength, the improvements that have been introduced to their design and functions, and the way they perform in comparison to their competitors.

1. Design and Build

The Beats Fit Pro earbuds showcase an innovative approach to the classic earbuds design, particularly evident in their unique wing tip. Unlike previous iterations in the Beats family or similar products from competitors, the Beats Fit Pro integrates the wing tip directly into the earbud, crafting a seamless and stylish appearance. This wing tip is ingeniously flexible, designed to grip the inner contour of your ear, promising a secure fit that’s crucial during physical activities.

What’s remarkable about this design choice is not just the security it provides, but also the aesthetic appeal. Beats have decided to take a different approach and stay away from the standard wrap-around design, offering users a sleeker look but also great fit. That said, the styles and functionality of the earbuds have led to some compromises with the long-term comfort of users. The exacting fit, while ensuring the buds stay in place, can exert noticeable pressure, potentially leading to discomfort during extended use.

To customize the fit, Beats includes two sets of different-sized ear tips, encouraging users to experiment for the optimal seal. This is crucial, as the right fit enhances both comfort and sound quality.

The Beats Fit Pro is also designed with fitness enthusiasts in mind, evidenced by their IPX4 water-resistance rating. While this doesn’t make them fully waterproof, it does render them resistant to sweat—a key consideration for those using them during workouts. Notably, they lack complete water and dust resistance, so caution near pools, beaches, or sandy areas is advisable.

Functionality has been also implemented in the exterior of the earbuds, offering users easy control of music playback and noise cancellation functions by just a touch. It should be noted that due to the sensitivity of these controls, it is easy to activate some features by accident while handling the earbuds.

The technical design of the Beats Fit Pro must not be neglected: six microphones for clear voice pickup as well as noise blocking, a revamped driver and ventilation system, which ensure strong bass, and the integration of the H1 chip that is the gateway to several special features for iOS users.

Another element that deserves to be mentioned is the charging case. It is more compact than its predecessor for the Powerbeats Pro, allowing easier fitting in one’s pocket, but the smooth surface of the exterior might be susceptible to scratches if it gets dropped.
Here’s a summary table breaking down key design features:

Feature Description
Wing Tip Design Integrated and flexible for secure fit
Water-Resistance IPX4 rating (sweat-proof, but not waterproof or dust-resistant)
Additional Ear Tips Two extra sets for a personalized fit
Touch Controls Play/pause music, skip tracks, control noise cancellation (can be overly sensitive)
Microphones Six in total for voice clarity and noise reduction
Technical Design Redesigned driver and ventilation for enhanced bass, H1 chip for iOS compatibility
Charging Case Compact, pocket-friendly, smooth exterior (prone to scratches)

This mix of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and technical advancements makes the Beats Fit Pro an outstanding earbuds model. However, there are a few small disadvantages that potential users should keep in mind.

2. Sound Quality

The Beats brand has evolved from its main focus on bass, with the Beats Fit Pro now offering users a more balanced and immersive sound experience. This section of the review focuses on the sound quality of the earbuds, taking into consideration the performance during both music playback and calls.

Beats Fit Pro Sound Quality

From a music standpoint, Beats appears to have hit the right note. The new sound signature of the brand has deviated from the use of excessive bass and has instead brought listeners a balanced mix of extremely clear highs and lows. We can take a look at the song “INDUSTRY BABY” by Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow for our tests of the sound clarity. Available in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music, the song showcases the Beats Fit Pro’s ability to articulate distinct sound elements. From the pulses one can feel from the bass line to dynamic vocal tracks that smoothly follow the listener’s orientation, one can enjoy a concert-like experience.

Much of this immersive sound can be attributed to the earbuds’ fine-tuning, the potent H1 wireless chip, and the newly designed driver. Combined together, these features ensure that the Beats Fit Pro can expand its reach to an even larger audience compared to its predecessor. While Apple Music offers a plethora of Dolby Atmos-mixed tracks to accentuate this spatial audio experience, it’s essential to temper expectations; the Fit Pro’s spatial audio, as enthralling as it is, cannot parallel the depth of a full-fledged Dolby Atmos speaker system. That said, it is most certainly a notable improvement from the conventional wireless earbuds experience.

When it comes to call quality, the Beats Fit Pro’s prowess is evident but with nuances. Using five of the six inbuilt microphones, voices are captured with relative accuracy, producing decent results. Feedback from call recipients suggests satisfactory voice clarity, although the volume seems a tad muted. Consequently, while they might not be the first choice for professionals requiring impeccable call quality, they suffice for sporadic calls.

In summary:

Feature Description
Music Playback Balanced with distinct highs and lows; enhanced spatial audio experience
Call Quality Good, but may not be optimal for business calls with muted volume
Special Features Dolby Atmos support, dynamic vocal track movement with listener’s orientation

In essence, the Beats Fit Pro delivers stellar sound quality for music aficionados, though with a slight dip in call clarity.

3. Features

When exploring the Beats Fit Pro’s feature set, it’s evident that these earbuds pack a substantial amount of technology and options for a personalized user experience. From aesthetic choices to technological integrations, there’s much to delve into.

Beats Fit Pro Features

For users who value aesthetic appeal, Beats provides an array of color choices. Beyond the traditional Beats Black and Beats White, there are distinctive shades like the serene Sage Grey with light green accents and the muted Stone Purple with dark grey highlights. Such variety ensures that there’s likely a hue to match most individual styles and preferences.

On the technological front, the inclusion of the Apple H1 chip serves as a significant upgrade. This chip not only facilitates hands-free Siri functionality but also enables support for spatial audio on platforms such as Apple Music, Apple TV, and FaceTime. This presents an immersive audio experience, particularly beneficial for those deeply entrenched in the Apple ecosystem.

The active noise cancellation feature is another element that is worth to be discussed. While it might not surpass giants like Sony’s WF-1000XM4 or Bose’s QuietComfort Buds in noise suppression, it does an admirable job, especially in quieter environments or for blocking distant conversations.

However, it’s essential to note that not all features are universally available across devices. Android users, for instance, won’t have access to the always-listening assistant and spatial audio. Even though the lack of inclusivity for some features may not be a deal breaker for potential buyers, the integration of spatial audio in various earbuds, many Android users may prefer to buy earbuds that have been adjusted to meet their preferences.

To summarize:

Feature Description
Color Options Four shades – Black, White, Sage Grey, and Stone Purple
Apple H1 Chip Facilitates hands-free Siri and spatial audio support
Noise Cancellation Competent but might not surpass market leaders
Platform Compatibility Full feature suite for iOS; limited features for Android (no spatial audio or always-listening assistant)

Considering the balanced mix of design, functionality and tech innovations, the Beats Fit Pro offers a set of features that offer great user experience. That said, there are certain platform limitations that potential buyers should keep in mind.

4. Pros and Cons

Whenever composing an evaluation of a product, it is essential to conduct a balanced assessment of both pros and cons. With the Beats Fit Pro, there’s an array of features that appeal to a wide user base. However, like any product, they also have some areas for improvement. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the pros and cons of the Beats Fit Pro:


  • Android and iOS Compatibility: The earbuds cater to both Android and iOS users, expanding their market reach and user flexibility.
  • In-app Ear Tip Fit Test: This enables an optimal fit and great auditory experience thanks to the secure placement of the earbuds.
  • Noise Canceling/Transparency: Active noise cancellation ensures an immersive listening experience by muffling sounds from one’s surroundings. Transparency mode comes in handy whenever you still want to be aware of your surroundings and still hear some ambient sounds.
  • IPX4 Rating: The earbuds are perfect for intense workouts and users on the go, with the sweat-proof design ensuring that no splashes of water can damage the earbuds.
  • USB-C Case with Fast Charging: Ensures compatibility with a vast variety of standard chargers, allowing extremely fast charging.
  • Spatial Audio on Apple Music: iOS users can enjoy an immersive concert-like experience, especially with tracks supporting the feature.
  • Better Battery Life: Extended playtime allows for prolonged listening sessions without the need for frequent recharging.
  • H1 Chip for Hands-free Siri: Allows easy activation of Siri with one touch of the controls of the earbuds, enabling a more convenient hands-free experience.


  • Price: Positioned at a premium range, it might be out of reach for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Fairly Large Case: The size of the case may be an issue for some users, especially when it comes to the portability of the device.
  • Known ANC and Update Issues: Some users have reported glitches with the active noise cancellation feature and firmware updates.
  • ANC Could be Stronger: Even though the device features active noise cancellation, some competitors on the market manage to offer better performance in this field.
  • More Expensive than Studio Buds: When comparing within the brand, the Fit Pro is priced higher than the Studio Buds, making it a pricier alternative.
  • Can be Uncomfortable: Even though the unique wing-tip offers a better fit, it can cause discomfort if earbuds are used for a longer time.
  • Android Users Miss Out on Features: Though compatible with Android, not all features are accessible, leading to a compromised experience for some Android users.

In sum, while the Beats Fit Pro packs a plethora of exciting features and improvements over its predecessors, it’s essential for potential buyers to weigh the pros against the cons, ensuring it aligns with their needs and budget.

5. User Reviews and Feedback

Gathering insights from real users can paint a vivid picture of a product’s strengths and weaknesses. Let’s dive into what some Beats Fit Pro users had to say, presented with a touch of personality:

6. Images and Videos

Dynamic Sound Meets Sleek Aesthetics

Beats Fit Pro - black charging case
I’ve got the Beats Fit Pro earbuds here, and they look sleek in their black charging case. The set also comes with a USB cable and a variety of ear tips to ensure a snug fit.

Cover Screen in Action

Beats Fit Pro earbuds
Taking a closer look at these Beats Fit Pro earbuds, the matte black finish is striking. Their unique wing tip design seems promising for a secure fit, especially during intense activities.

Tailored Fit for Every Ear

customizable ear tip options of the Beats Fit Pro earbuds
A side profile showcasing the customizable ear tip options of the Beats Fit Pro earbuds

7. Conclusion

The Beats Fit Pro offers a mix of style and functionality, incorporating innovative features like the H1 chip, great battery performance, and a rather satisfying noise cancellation. That said, these functionalities also come with a few limitations such as the exclusion of Android users from certain features, potential discomfort during prolonged use, and a somewhat high price.

User feedback reveals the strong points of the device, including the secure fit and the impressive sound quality, further cementing the appeal of the earbuds for workout enthusiasts and iOS users in general. Even though the Beats Fit Pro ranks high on the list of top products in the wireless earbuds market, potential buyers should keep in mind their specific needs and compare the pros and cons of the device before they make their decision.

In summary, the Beats Fit Pro earbuds make a strong case for themselves but might not be the definitive choice for everyone.