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Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Review

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack review

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack review

In our constantly developing world, having a charged phone is a necessity. Apple, which has been a prominent name when it comes to combining innovation and design, has introduced a solution to the recurring issue of battery drainage – the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. Compatible with the iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series devices, this portable charger makes sure that iPhone users will no longer have to stay stuck to a wall every time they need their device while it is charging.

The concept of the device is quite straightforward, with the MagSafe Battery allowing users to charge their iPhones by attaching the portable charger to the back of their device via a magnet. You can think of this product as a lifeline, a source of energy you can access at any time, especially when there is no nearby power source.

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Apple MagSafe Battery Pack: Key Features Overview
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3.7 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches
Weight 4 ounces
Aesthetic Finish Matte white & soft-touch gray
Connection Indicator White ring for MagSafe
Port Type Lightning port
Wireless Charging Compatibility Qi-based charger
Immediate Charging Rate 5W
Charging Display Displays on phone & Batteries widget
Magnetic Connection Strength Better with MagSafe phone case
Charging via Lightning Cable 15W (20W with a 20W power adapter)
Use Case Maintenance charging, not rapid full charges
Wireless Charging Can charge AirPods (doesn’t snap, but functional)
Battery Capacity 1,460mAh
Integration with iOS Batteries widget & home screen
Price Point Higher
Design Thinner

But how does Apple’s offering compare to other solutions available in the market? At first, the price of this device may seem unreasonable, especially when we compare the product to similar solutions on the market, such as Anker’s portable power bank, which may even have better specifications. As we delve deeper into the features and exterior of the MagSafe Battery Pack, we will reveal whether the price tag is justifiable or if this is just a statement piece for most Apple aficionados. Apple’s ecosystem is well-known for its seamless integration, sleek aesthetic, and user-friendly design.

So, does the MagSafe Battery Pack live up to this legacy? Let’s find out.

1. Design and Build

Apple has always been praised for its impeccable designs, and the MagSafe Battery Pack is no exception. Staying true to the minimalistic style of the brand, the design of the device is rather straightforward, making reading the user manual almost unnecessary.

With its matte white finish, the MagSafe Battery Pack’s elegant look is completed with rounded corners on the outer side, further cementing Apple’s signature design simplicity, which is praised by many.

While it may feel slightly bulky to the touch, users, including myself, find themselves adapting to its presence swiftly. Unlike some battery packs that turn into little furnaces, the MagSafe remains remarkably cool, which is a commendable feat given the enclosed power it houses.

The inner side of the pack offers a tactile delight with its soft-touch gray surface, punctuated by a white ring – the focal point of the MagSafe connection. Users who wish to connect their iPhones to the charging device can easily align this ring with the Apple logo on the back of their devices. The outer side is embossed with a subtle gray Apple logo, completing the product’s unassuming yet distinct appearance.

Here’s a concise information of the comparison drawn between Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack and Anker’s PowerCore Magnetic 5K:
Feature Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3.7 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches 3.7 x 2.5 x 0.6 inches
Weight 4 ounces 4.6 ounces
Aesthetic Finish Matte white & soft-touch gray Not specified
Connection Indicator White ring for MagSafe Not specified
Port Type Lightning port Varies
Wireless Charging Compatibility Qi-based charger Limited or none

Functionally, Apple has kept it straightforward with the inclusion of just one Lightning port to charge the accessory. However, having the option to charge the battery pack via a Qi power charger gives users who have already adopted the wireless charging lifestyle an extra layer of convenience.

In summary, the MagSafe Battery Pack has captured Apple’s essence of simple design, elegance, and functionality. It’s a testament to how Apple can craft a device that feels both familiar and fresh, and it’s poised to set the standard for magnetic battery packs in the industry.

2. Usability & Compatibility

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, in true Apple fashion, exemplifies usability with an almost plug-and-play nature. The process of using it is so straightforward that even those with little to no tech-savviness can navigate it with ease.

Apple EarPods USB-C Usability & Compatibility

Attach the battery pack to the back of an iPhone 12 or any newer model supporting MagSafe, and the charging of the device will start. However, it’s worth noting the charging speed, which is at a modest 5W rate. At this charging rate, the device’s main role is to ensure that your iPhone does not run out of battery rather than quickly bringing back a dead battery.

The real-time integration with iOS is quite commendable. After it has been attached, the iPhone shows both its current battery status and the remaining battery juice percentage in the MagSafe pack. The charging device’s battery amount is easily integrated into the phone’s battery widget, displaying a general battery status hub.

However, let’s address the elephant in the room – the magnetic connection. Even though the grip is decent in most cases, especially when the pack is attached to the iPhone 12, there is still some room for improvement. Those who worry their device might disconnect from the pack can use the MagSafe phone case, which has enhanced the magnetic grip, and has also added another layer of protection for your device.

The table below encapsulates the charging dynamics of the MagSafe Battery Pack:

Feature Details
Immediate Charging Rate 5W
Charging Display Displays on phone & Batteries widget
Magnetic Connection Strength Better with MagSafe phone case
Charging via Lightning Cable 15W (20W with a 20W power adapter)
Use Case Maintenance charging, not rapid full charges
Wireless Charging Can charge AirPods (doesn’t snap, but functional)

A bonus feature of the charger allows AirPods users who are constantly on the move to utilize the MagSafe Battery Pack to charge their AirPods cases wirelessly. Place the case against the battery pack’s magnetic side, and while it might not snap in place as with the iPhone, the charging commences.

To conclude, the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack offers a blend of user-friendly features, and while it might not be the fastest charger in the shed, it promises the reliability and seamlessness typical of Apple products.

3. Features & Technology

The MagSafe Battery Pack is a clear testament to Apple’s commitment to elegance, user-friendliness, and seamless integration. However, when delving into its features and technology, certain areas demand further contemplation.

Apples EarPods USB-C Features

One of the ambiguities lies in the lack of clarity regarding how much extended battery life the MagSafe Battery Pack offers to an iPhone 12. While variability across models is understandable, a ballpark figure or range would have provided users with more clarity.

Through meticulous teardowns, the battery pack’s capacity has been unearthed to be 1,460mAh. A glance at the competition shows a stark contrast, with the Anker Magnetic 5K boasting a robust 5,000mAh capacity. That’s more than three times the MagSafe Battery Pack’s capacity!

Parameter Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Anker Magnetic 5K
Battery Capacity 1,460mAh 5,000mAh
Integration with iOS Batteries widget & home screen None specified
Price Point Higher Lower
Design Thinner Bulkier

Real-world usage paints an insightful picture. When used for an entire day, the MagSafe Battery Pack’s juice percentage reduced significantly, dropping to 16% by late afternoon. Meanwhile, the charge of the iPhone remained at 89% charge for the entire day. It is pretty clear that the purpose of this device is to act as a buffer, maintaining your iPhone’s battery at a certain level, and ensuring that it does not rapidly exhaust all of its juice.

So, what makes the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack a worthy purchase? Its integration into the Apple ecosystem is its major selling point. The harmony with the Batteries widget and home screen underscores the value of Apple-made accessories, which tend to operate more seamlessly with the iPhone. The sleek design of the device makes it even more appealing, with no excessive bulk making one’s user experience less convenient.

However, the MagSafe Battery Pack’s crux is its positioning as a premium MagSafe wireless charger that also doubles as a battery extender, rather than a primary power source. It is a perfect example of the typical compromise with utility over aesthetics. While the thin and compact design is appealing, one can’t help but wish for more battery capacity, especially at its price point.

In essence, the MagSafe Battery Pack is an exercise in design and integration. Its value lies in its elegant form, seamless integration, and the assurance of compatibility. However, those seeking more power and versatility may resort to alternative solutions that may seem more appealing to the user.

4. Pros and Cons

When reviewing the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, it becomes clear that the device, like any other tech product, has its strong points as well as certain elements that require some improvement. Here’s a distilled list of its pros and cons:


  • Wired MagSafe Charger: It functions impressively as a wired MagSafe charger, ensuring optimal charging speed and efficiency.
  • Seamless iPhone Integration: The battery pack is thoughtfully integrated with iPhone software, particularly with the Batteries widget, providing real-time charging data.
  • Qi Device Charging: Beyond iPhones, the battery pack is capable of charging other Qi devices, such as the AirPods, extending its usability.
  • Ease of Use: Thanks to the plug-and-play nature of the pack, even people who are not the most tech-savvy Apple users will have no issue using the device.
  • Cool Operation: Even during extensive use, the device does not heat up to levels, which may cause discomfort or could risk one’s safety.
  • Slim Design: Compared to some alternative devices on the market, the MagSafe Battery Pack has a slender design that is aesthetically pleasing and ensures easy fit into pockets.
  • iOS 14 Batteries Widgets Compatibility: Since the pack is integrated into iOS 14’s Batteries widget, the user experience is further improved thanks to the easy monitoring of battery levels


  • Incomplete Charging: It cannot achieve a full battery charge on any of the iPhone 12 models, which may be a disadvantage for some users.
  • Lightning Connector Limitations: The exclusive use of the lightning connector makes the device less versatile, which can be disappointing when other devices might require different methods of connecting.
  • Charging Speed: The slow charging speed, mainly when users are using the 5W wireless charging, can be very disappointing, especially when users need to quickly boost the charge of their iPhone.
  • Battery Capacity: The endurance of the pack is very questionable, especially when we compare the product to its competitor the Anker Magnetik 5K.
  • Price: Considering the battery capacity and the number of alternative options, the price tag may put off some potential buyers.

In summary, the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack possesses Apple’s typically classic design and integration, but it does come with a few limitations. It’s a device that will appeal to a specific user base, particularly those who prioritize design, brand continuity, and seamless integration over raw power and versatility.

5. User Reviews and Feedback

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, like any tech product, has received a myriad of responses from users. This section compiles a curated list of user reviews and feedback, offering a glimpse into the general sentiment surrounding this accessory.

From the feedback, it’s evident that the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is polarizing. While many appreciate its design, integration, and brand continuity, others find its capacity and price point a bit lacking. The pack serves as proof that even when a product excels in specific areas, it may be lacking in meeting the essential needs and expectations of consumers.

6. Images and Videos

Front View

An elegantly designed white MagSafe Battery Pack, boasting a minimalist design with a central magnetic attachment and intuitive LED status light.
An elegantly designed white MagSafe Battery Pack, boasting a minimalist design with a central magnetic attachment and intuitive LED status light.

Back View

EarPods Close-up
A pristine white MagSafe Battery Pack highlighting Apple’s minimalist logo. A blend of simplicity and branding excellence.

Side View

EarPods Side Profile
The MagSafe Battery Pack seamlessly attaches to a purple iPhone, emphasizing its slim profile. A perfect pairing for on-the-go power.

7. Conclusion

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is a clear example of Apple’s dedication to creating products with sleek design and seamless functionality. The easy magnetic connection and the compatibility with various iPhone models make it feel as if the pack is simply an extension of the iPhone rather than an add-on. That said, the battery capacity and the charging speed do not seem to justify the price tag, especially when compared to competitors like the Anker Magnetic 5K.

Even though dedicated Apple fans may enjoy the design and the consistency of the brand, the price range of the MagSafe Battery Pack becomes harder to justify when raw capacity is considered. Those who have deeply integrated their daily lives into the Apple ecosystem may believe the product’s pros outweigh its cons. However, users who are looking for raw power and cost-effectiveness may choose alternative products over the MagSafe Battery Pack.

To summarize, the MagSafe Battery Pack demonstrates the constant clash between aesthetics and functionality. Depending on their stands in this debate, various users may have completely different views on this product.