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Blackjack – World Tournament App by NEON Games

Whenever you are looking for the next great option offering classy casino experience, try the Blackjack – World Tournament app. Brought to you by NEON Games, this social gaming app will offer an authentic blackjack adventure, conveniently available at any time and place. Novices will appreciate the app, with its rookie-friendly tips helping anyone to become a better blackjack player. That is no to say that experts will not appreciate Blackjack – World Tournament, with the app offering a great opportunity to compete against some of the best blackjack aficionados and test one’s skills.


Feature Details
Game Title Blackjack – World Tournament
Tournament Mode Real Blackjack tournaments with global leaderboard
Spin & Go Mode Top chip-holder wins, 4 rounds, no elimination
Free Bet Mode Play with friends, Multi-Bets & Pair Bets, Double Pay Gauge
1 vs 1 Mode Challenge friends in a head-to-head battle
Bonuses & Missions Generous daily, time, and weekly bonuses; complete missions for extra chips
Compatibility Android 5.0+, iOS 10.0+, iPadOS 10.0+, macOS 11.0+
Downloads 500,000+ on Google Play Store
In-app Purchases $0.99 – $204.99 per item
Languages English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish
Content Rating Teen (Simulated Gambling)
Developer NEON Games

Essential Features of the App

  • Global Competition: Dive into real Blackjack tournaments and compete with players worldwide.
  • Variety of Modes: Whether it’s the competitive Tournament Mode, the quick Spin & Go, the skill-based Free Bet Mode, or the intense 1 vs 1, there’s a mode for every style of play.
  • Generous Bonuses: Stay in the game with daily bonuses, missions, and special events offering millions of free chips.
  • Broad Accessibility: Available across a wide range of devices, ensuring you can play whenever, wherever.
  • Community and Support: Engage with a vast community of players, with robust support and regular updates from NEON Games.

Challenging Tournaments with Top Blackjack Players ♣️

Engage in adrenaline-pumping, official casino-rule Blackjack tournaments. Scale the levels from Rio to Las Vegas, and Sydney to Tokyo, pitting your skills against two other contenders across 8 hands. Watch out for the critical Elimination Hand at hand 4 and seize that one opportunity to exchange a card. Where do you stand? The global leaderboard awaits your name.

Experience the Thrilling Nature of the Spin & Go Mode

Embark on the Spin & Go journey, where the chip-holder takes all! Open to players of all levels, compete against three players in four rounds, with no elimination to hold you back. It’s fast, it’s thrilling – it’s your chance to top the charts.

Climb Your Way to the Top with Free Bet Mode

Join friends and players worldwide to master the art of Blackjack. Engage in Multi-Bets and Pair Bets, betting on up to 3 places simultaneously. Watch your Double Pay Gauge – a full gauge means double pay for your next hand. Ascend through the ranks from Beginners to Billionaires, and set the stage at your own private blackjack table.

Face You Opponents in One on One Battles

Challenge your friends or make new ones in the game. Engage in a head-to-head battle in four rounds of intense blackjack action. Who will emerge as the real blackjack winner?

✨ Enjoy an Abundance of Rewards by Redeeming Bonuses and Completing Missions

Blackjack – World Tournament is more than just a game; it’s a community. Connect with Facebook to start with $500,000 in chips. Enjoy a generous Welcome Bonus of $1,000,000 in chips, and keep the streak with Time Bonuses, Daily Bonuses, and a hefty Weekly Bonus. Complete daily and special missions to earn even more free chips and participate in various seasonal events.

Compatibility and Technical Requirements

Available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, this app caters to a wide audience. With downloads exceeding 500,000 and an extensive range of in-app purchases, the game is continuously evolving. Version 1.2.182, updated on Jan 11, 2024, ensures compatibility across a multitude of devices, requiring Android 5.0 and up, or iOS 10.0 and later for Apple devices.

Join the legion of players and immerse yourself in the Blackjack – World Tournament experience. Please note, the game is intended for an adult audience, emphasizing entertainment and amusement, not real money gambling. Your journey to becoming a blackjack legend starts here.

Endless Rewards, Daily Bonuses, and Exclusive Promotions at Blackjack – World Tournament

Blackjack – World Tournament is not just a game; it’s a treasure trove of opportunities where players can reap a plethora of bonuses, rewards, and participate in exciting promotions. The app ensures that both new and loyal players are rewarded generously, making every hand you play not just a gamble, but a step towards earning fantastic rewards.

Bonus Type Reward Details Frequency
Facebook Connect Get $500,000 in chips One-time upon linking
Welcome Bonus Receive $1,000,000 in chips One-time for new players
Time Bonus Earn $50,000 in chips Every 3 hours
Daily Bonuses Win chips up to $3,500,000 Daily
Weekly Bonus Get Tournament Ticket or chips up to $1,500,000 Weekly
Missions Complete Daily/Special Missions for free chips As available
Seasonal Events Participate in events for exclusive rewards Seasonal
Social Engagement Follow and interact on Facebook for updates and free prizes Ongoing

Extra Chips for Active Social Media Engagement

Connect your game with Facebook and get an instant boost of $500,000 in chips. This feature not only plumps up your wallet but also allows you to engage with the vibrant community of players, share your triumphs, and invite friends for a game or two.

Bold Start with Generous Welcome Bonus

New to the game? No worries! Blackjack – World Tournament welcomes every new player with open arms and a hefty Welcome Bonus of $1,000,000 in chips. This grand gesture ensures that your journey starts on a high note, giving you ample resources to explore and enjoy the game.

⏰ Accumulate Chips Multiple Times a Day

The app rewards your commitment! Every 3 hours, your chip stack grows by $50,000. It’s like a loyalty program that runs round the clock. Keep the app close, and watch your resources multiply as the hours pass by.

Every Day is Special with App’s Daily Bonuses

Each day comes with its surprises. With daily bonuses, you can earn up to $3,500,000 in chips. Make it a habit to check in and claim what’s rightfully yours. Every new sunrise brings a new chance to enrich your chip count.

Get Rewarded During Each Week of Your Journey

The generosity extends throughout the week with the Weekly Bonus. Be it tournament tickets or chips up to $1,500,000, this bonus keeps the excitement alive and ensures you’re always ready for the next big game.

Boost Your Chip Stack Thanks to Missions and Seasonal Events

The app sets you on missions – daily or special. Each completed mission fortifies your bank with free chips. Moreover, the app keeps the thrill alive with various seasonal events and special missions. These not only add to the fun but also to your chip count.

Get Rewarded for Your Social Network Interactions

Become a part of the game’s social family. Like the official Facebook page for updates and stand a chance to win free prizes. Your engagement outside the game can also lead to lucrative rewards.

The promotions, bonuses, and rewards in Blackjack – World Tournament are designed to keep the excitement at a peak. Whether you’re a casual player or a blackjack enthusiast, these benefits ensure that every game is rewarding, both in terms of fun and resources.

What In-App Options Do Members of Blackjack – World Tournament Have?

Blackjack – World Tournament offers a comprehensive array of in-app purchases, ensuring that players have access to various options to enhance their gaming experience. Whether you’re looking to increase your chip count, gain exclusive access to special features, or simply enjoy the thrill of a great deal, these purchases provide a diversified portfolio to cater to every player’s needs. Below, find a detailed breakdown and insights into the in-app purchase offerings.

In-App Purchases You Can Make at Blackjack – World Tournament:

  • Mega Wheel – Spin to Win Big
    Price: $1.99
    Spin the Mega Wheel for a chance to multiply your chips and reap big rewards.
  • Greeting Package – A Warm Welcome ✨
    Price: $1.99
    Kickstart your journey with the Greeting Package, offering a substantial boost to get you going.
  • Secret Case – Unlock the Mystery
    Price: $2.99 (5 Keys)
    Dive into the unknown with the Secret Case, containing surprises that could drastically change your game.
  • Special Offers – Exclusive Deals ️
    Prices: $4.99, $14.99
    Grab these limited-time offers to secure an exceptional value on chips and other game features.
  • Chip Purchases – Stack Up Your Game
    Prices: $2.99 for 1,500,000 Chips | $4.99 for 5,000,000 Chips | $5.99 for 4,500,000 Chips
    Directly purchase chips to maintain your gameplay flow and stay in the action.
  • Discount Coupon – Save More, Play More ️
    Price: $3.99 (50% off)
    Enjoy your gameplay with a sweet discount, allowing you to save while you play.
  • Promotion Pack – The Elite Choice
    Price: $24.99 (ADVANCED)
    Opt for the advanced pack to gain premium access to game features and a hefty chip bonus.

All You Need to Know About In-App Options at Blackjack – World Tournament 

  • Price Range: $0.99 – $204.99
    The wide price range accommodates every budget, ensuring that all players can find a suitable option to enhance their gameplay experience.
  • Diverse Options: From direct chip purchases to mystery cases and special promotional packs, the variety ensures that there’s always something new and exciting to explore.
  • Flexibility: Players can choose how much they want to invest in their gaming experience, making it suitable for casual gamers and serious players alike.

Blackjack – World Tournament’s in-app purchases are meticulously designed to enrich the player’s gaming experience, providing a balanced mix of utility, thrill, and value. Whether you’re looking to make a small investment to keep the game interesting or willing to splurge for the full-fledged experience, the app’s diverse range of offerings caters to every preference and style.

Smooth Registration Process for New Blackjack – World Tournament Users

Stepping into the world of Blackjack – World Tournament is an adventure that begins with a seamless registration process. Whether you’re an Android user or an Apple aficionado, getting started is just a few taps away. This section guides you through the process of downloading, installing, and registering for the app, ensuring you’re ready to hit the tables in no time.

Availability of the App and Installation Process

  • Finding the App:
    Head to your device’s official marketplace – Google Play for Android users or AppStore for Apple enthusiasts. Simply enter “Blackjack – World Tournament” in the search box and tap on the app from the search results.
  • Installation:
    Hit the “Install” button. The app is designed to be lightweight, ensuring a quick download and installation process, so you won’t be kept waiting for long.

Registration Steps to Follow

  1. Opening the App:
    Once installed, open the app. You’ll be greeted with a sleek and user-friendly interface, inviting you to the world of blackjack.
  2. Optional Registration:
    Registering for the app is not mandatory, but it’s a step highly recommended. Why? Registering not only secures your gameplay progress but also opens the door to a plethora of additional bonuses and features.
  3. Benefits of Registering:
    – Secure Gameplay: Your progress and purchases are safely stored.
    – Bonus Access: Unlock exclusive bonuses and rewards not available to unregistered users.
    – Cross-Device Play: Play on your phone, switch to your tablet, and back again without losing a step.
  4. Completing Registration:
    Follow the prompts to complete your registration. The process is intuitive and user-friendly, designed to get you to the games you love, faster.
  5. Start Playing:
    With registration complete, you’re now ready to dive into the action. Whether it’s your first hand of blackjack or you’re a seasoned player, the app is your gateway to a world of excitement.

Registration Process Highlights

  • Easy Download: Available on both Google Play and AppStore.
  • Simple Installation: One-click installation process.
  • Optional but Recommended Registration: For a richer, more secure gaming experience.
  • Unlock Bonuses: Registration paves the way for exclusive bonuses and features.

Blackjack – World Tournament makes getting started a breeze, ensuring that the path from download to the first deal is smooth and enjoyable. Registering for the app is a step towards securing your gameplay and unlocking a host of benefits that enhance your gaming journey.

Revel in Thrilling Gaming Experience at Blackjack – World Tournament

Blackjack – World Tournament App elevates the classic card game to new heights, offering a diverse array of gaming modes that cater to every blackjack aficionado’s taste. From the tension-filled Tournament Mode to the rapid-fire action of Spin & Go, each mode offers a unique way to experience the thrill of blackjack. Let’s dive into the details of what each gaming mode has to offer:

Blackjack Tournaments Offering the Ultimate Social Casino Experience 

  • Real Blackjack Tournaments: Engage in intense blackjack action following official casino rules.
  • Multi-Level Tournaments: Travel through iconic casino cities like Rio, Las Vegas, Sydney, Macau, and Tokyo.
  • Competitive Gameplay: Face off against 2 other players in 8 hands, testing your skills and strategies.
  • Elimination Hand: The 4th hand is a critical turning point, with intense pressure and the chance to make a strategic card exchange.
  • Global Leaderboard: See how your skills measure up against players from around the world.

Fast but Extremely Fruitful Gaming Sessions with the Spin & Go Mode 

  • Fast-Paced Rounds: 4 rounds of blackjack with no elimination hands, perfect for quick gameplay.
  • Open to All Levels: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, Spin & Go is accessible and rewarding.
  • Top Prize: The player with the most chips at the end takes home the prize, adding a competitive edge to every round.

Learn the Game and Develop Your Skills with Free Bet Mode 

  • Multi-Bets & Pair Bets: Increase your chances by betting in up to 3 places simultaneously.
  • Double Pay Gauge: Fill your gauge for the chance to double your pay on the next hand.
  • Private Tables: Play with friends or players from around the globe at your own private blackjack table.
  • Ranking System: Progress through levels from Beginners to Billionaires, unlocking more advanced tables and challenges.

1 vs 1 Mode – Challenge Any of Your Opponents in a Direct Battle♠️

  • Direct Challenges: Invite and play against your friends in a one-on-one showdown.
  • No Elimination Hands: Enjoy four rounds of pure strategy and skill, with no eliminations to disrupt the flow.
  • Showdown for the Title: Determine the real blackjack winner in a direct and personal battle.

Daily Bonuses and Special Events Ensuring Endless Rewards

  • Generous Bonuses: From the $500,000 chips for connecting with Facebook to the Welcome Bonus of $1,000,000 chips, the rewards keep on giving.
  • Timely Rewards: Regular time bonuses, daily bonuses, and weekly bonuses ensure your chip stack keeps growing.
  • Missions & Events: Engage in daily and special missions, along with seasonal events for extra excitement and rewards.

Blackjack – World Tournament App is not just a game; it’s a vibrant community of blackjack enthusiasts. With a variety of game modes, each offering unique challenges and rewards, players can enjoy the classic card game in a multitude of exciting ways. Whether you’re honing your strategy, competing against friends, or aiming for the top of the leaderboard, the app provides an immersive and engaging experience.

Can Players Enjoy Safe Gaming at Blackjack – World Tournament?

In today’s digital age, the legitimacy and security of mobile apps are paramount concerns for users. Blackjack – World Tournament has made significant strides in establishing itself as a trusted and legitimate platform for blackjack enthusiasts. With robust security measures, transparent data practices, and high user ratings, the app stands out as a reliable choice for mobile gaming.

Highly Approved App with Numerous Positive Reviews

  • High User Ratings: With an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on 19K reviews on the Google Play Store, the app has garnered positive feedback for its gameplay, features, and user experience.
  • Customer Feedback: Reviews often highlight the app’s engaging content, user-friendly interface, and fair gameplay, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted platform.

Collecting and Handling Sensitive Data

  • Data Handling: The developer has taken a transparent approach to data handling. Information on data collection, sharing, and security is provided upfront, ensuring users are well-informed about their privacy.
  • No Data Shared with Third Parties: The app maintains strict privacy standards by not sharing user data with third-party entities.
  • Data Encryption: Data is encrypted in transit, offering an additional layer of security to protect user information.
  • App Permissions: Permissions are straightforward and are mostly related to ensuring optimal app functionality, such as network access and preventing the device from sleeping.

Additional App Information

  • Age Rating: The app has an age rating of 17+ due to the simulated gambling content, aligning with industry standards for similar apps.
  • App Privacy: NEON Games CO., LTD, the app developer, has provided clear details about the app’s privacy practices, including the types of data collected and how it may be used or linked to the user.

Things to Remember:

  • Trusted by Users: High ratings and positive reviews underline the app’s legitimacy and user satisfaction.
  • Committed to Privacy: Transparent data practices and secure handling of user information highlight the app’s commitment to privacy and security.
  • No Third-Party Data Sharing: A clear stance on not sharing data with third parties fosters a trusted environment for users.
  • Robust App Permissions: Permissions are tailored to enhance app functionality and user experience, without unnecessary access to user data.

In conclusion, Blackjack – World Tournament stands as a legitimate app, combining user-friendly gameplay with stringent data safety and privacy measures. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, the app provides a secure and enjoyable platform for engaging in the world of blackjack.

Resolving Any Issue Instantly with Blackjack – World Tournament App’s Customer Support

Blackjack – World Tournament not only excels in providing an exceptional gaming experience but also stands out for its dedicated customer service. Understanding that a robust support system is the backbone of any successful app, the developers have instituted a comprehensive customer service framework to ensure that players’ concerns and inquiries are addressed promptly and effectively.

Contact Channels and Global Support Service:

  • Dedicated Support Email:
    Players can reach out directly to the support team via email at This dedicated channel ensures that queries are handled professionally and responses are provided in a timely manner.
  • Multilingual Support:
    Embracing the global audience, customer service is available in multiple languages including English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Turkish. This multilingual support ensures that players from different regions can receive assistance in a language they’re comfortable with.
  • Official Website and Social Media Presence:
    Players can visit the official Facebook page at for updates, announcements, and community engagement. The social media platform also serves as a channel for customer support and interaction with the user community.
  • Physical Address for Transparency:
    The app’s transparency is further solidified by the provision of a physical address: 경기도 성남시 분당구 대왕판교로645번길 14 (삼평동, 네오위즈 판교타워3층) (Gyeonggi-do, Seongnam-si, Bundang-gu, Daewangpangyo-ro 645beon-gil, 14 KR 6층). This address not only denotes the location of the developer but also instills a sense of trust and authenticity.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction and Customer Care on a Global Scale:

  • Accessible Customer Support: Reach out via email for any inquiries or issues for a prompt response.
  • Support in Your Language: The app’s support extends to various languages, ensuring a comfortable communication channel for a diverse user base.
  • Stay Updated and Engaged: Follow the official Facebook page for regular updates, events, and community interaction.
  • Transparent and Trustworthy: The provision of a physical address reinforces the app’s legitimacy and commitment to transparency.

Blackjack – World Tournament’s dedication to providing excellent customer service is a testament to its commitment to creating a user-friendly and supportive gaming environment. With multiple channels for support and information, players can enjoy a seamless and well-supported gaming experience.

Things We Liked About the Blackjack – World Tournament App and Areas for Improvement

Embarking on the Blackjack – World Tournament journey comes with its share of highs and lows. Here’s a balanced perspective on the app, highlighting its strengths and areas where there’s room for improvement:

The Good:

  • Variety of Game Modes
    Offers a range of modes like Tournament, Spin & Go, Free Bet, and 1 vs 1, catering to different playing styles and preferences.
  • Generous Bonuses and Rewards
    Features numerous bonuses including a welcome bonus, time bonuses, daily bonuses, and mission-based rewards, ensuring players are always stocked up on chips.
  • Global Leaderboards and Tournaments
    Allows players to compete globally, enhancing the competitive aspect and providing a platform to showcase blackjack skills.
  • High User Ratings ⭐
    With a rating of 4.5 out of 5, the app is well-received for its interface, gameplay, and overall user experience.
  • Robust Customer Support
    Offers dedicated support through email, multilingual assistance, and active social media engagement for resolving user queries.
  • Data Safety and Privacy
    Prioritizes user data privacy with encrypted data transmission and transparent data handling policies.

The Not-So-Good:

  • In-App Purchases
    While the app is free, reliance on in-app purchases for chips and bonuses might not appeal to all users, especially those looking for a completely free experience.
  • Age Restriction
    With an age rating of 17+ due to simulated gambling, it’s not suitable for younger audiences.
  • Potential for Addiction
    As with any gaming app, especially those involving gambling simulations, there’s a potential risk of addiction. Users need to play responsibly.
  • Data Usage for Tracking
    The app tracks certain data for personalized ads and services, which might be a concern for users highly sensitive about their data privacy.

The Blackjack – World Tournament app offers an engaging and comprehensive blackjack experience, backed by substantial user support and a robust security framework. However, it’s important for users to be aware of the in-app purchase model and ensure a balanced approach to gameplay.

Blackjack – World Tournament App Questions and Answers

Navigating through the Blackjack – World Tournament app can spark curiosity and questions. Here’s a handy Q&A section to address some common inquiries, enhancing your understanding and experience of the game.

🎮 How do I start playing in the Blackjack - World Tournament app?

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store. Install it, open the app, and you can start playing immediately. Registration is optional but recommended for accessing additional features and securing your game progress.

👥 Can I play with my friends in the app?

Absolutely! The app offers a “Play with Friends” feature in the Free Bet Mode and a 1 vs 1 Mode where you can challenge your friends to a head-to-head battle.

💰 Are there any real-money gambling features in the app?

No, Blackjack – World Tournament is for entertainment only. The game does not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. The in-app currency cannot be exchanged for real money.

🆘 What if I encounter issues or have questions about the game?

For any issues or questions, you can contact customer support at The team is ready to assist with any inquiries or technical problems you might have.

🔒 Is my personal data safe with the app?

Yes, the app prioritizes user data privacy. Data is encrypted in transit, and the app’s data handling policies are transparent, ensuring your information is secure.

🎲 How can I get more chips to play?

You can earn chips through various in-game bonuses like the Welcome Bonus, Time Bonus, and Daily Bonuses. Additionally, completing missions and participating in events also reward you with chips. In-app purchases are available for buying chips directly.

🌐 Is the app available globally?

Yes, the app is available for download worldwide and supports multiple languages, enhancing the gaming experience for a global audience.

🔞 Are there any age restrictions for playing the game?

Yes, due to the simulated gambling content, the app has an age rating of 17+. It’s important to follow this guideline to ensure a responsible gaming environment.

Feel free to reach out to customer support or check the official Facebook page for more information and updates. Enjoy your game responsibly and have fun climbing the leaderboards!

Wrapping Up Our Blackjack – World Tournament App Review

In the vibrant cosmos of mobile gaming, Blackjack – World Tournament emerges as a beacon for card game enthusiasts. It’s not just an app; it’s a portal to a world where strategy meets luck, and every hand dealt is a new adventure. With its diverse gaming modes, generous bonuses, and robust customer support, the app ensures that every player’s experience is nothing short of thrilling.

From the tension-filled Tournament Mode to the fast-paced Spin & Go, the game caters to every mood and style. The app’s commitment to player satisfaction is evident in its user-friendly interface, multilingual support, and stringent data safety measures. While the in-app purchases provide an opportunity for players to enhance their experience, the myriad of free bonuses ensures that the game remains accessible to everyone.

As you shuffle the deck and place your bets in this virtual casino, remember, Blackjack – World Tournament is more than a game—it’s a community, a challenge, and a chance to master the timeless art of blackjack.

Overall Rating

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, Blackjack – World Tournament offers a rich, immersive experience. So, place your bets wisely, play responsibly, and let the magic of blackjack unfold.

Like Blackjack – World Tournament? You Should Also Try:

Are you a fan of Blackjack – World Tournament but curious about what other similar apps are out there? Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or just want to switch things up a bit, there are plenty of other great blackjack apps available. Here’s a rundown of some noteworthy alternatives that promise to deliver as much excitement and fun as Blackjack – World Tournament.

  • Blackjack 21: Blackjackist
    Experience the thrill of blackjack, where you can play with friends, join tournaments, and master your strategy in a variety of settings.
  • Blackjack 21: House of Blackjack
    Offers a unique twist with customizable avatars and the ability to interact with other players, bringing a social element to your blackjack experience.
  • Blackjack – World Tournament
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  • Blackjack 21 + Free Casino
    Provides a classic blackjack experience with the added benefit of free daily casino bonuses to keep you in the game.
  • myVEGAS Blackjack – Casino
    Offers a unique experience by allowing you to earn real rewards for hotels and shows in Las Vegas, adding an extra layer of excitement.
  • Blackjack
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  • BlackJack Online – Multiplayer
    Perfect for those who enjoy playing with others. This app lets you challenge players worldwide in live multiplayer matches.
  • Blackjack 21: Blackjackist
    Combines the classic blackjack game with graphics and social features, offering a vibrant and interactive gaming environment.
  • BlackJack 21 – Online Blackjack
    Offers an online multiplayer experience where you can challenge friends or compete with players from around the globe.
  • Blackjack 21: House of Blackjack
    Provides a personalized gaming experience with various rooms and challenges, letting you build your own house of blackjack.

Each of these apps offers its own unique spin on the classic game of blackjack, with various features, bonuses, and social elements to explore. So, whether you’re looking to sharpen your skills, compete against others, or just enjoy a game or two, there’s an app for every kind of blackjack enthusiast.