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Multi-Play Video Poker™ App by Ruby Seven Studios

🌟 Introduction

Multi-Play Video Poker™, developed by Ruby Seven Studios Inc., emerges as a great option for poker enthusiasts who prefer the convenience of mobile gaming. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, this free app offers a diverse array of video poker games, ensuring a rich and varied playing experience.

📱 App Specifications:

Specification Android Details iOS Details
Developer Ruby Seven Studios Inc. Ruby Seven Studios Inc.
Current Version 6.3.0
Required OS Android 5.1 and up iOS 12.0 or later
Downloads 100,000+
App Size 255.5 MB
In-app Purchases $0.99 – $99.99 per item $0.99 – $99.99 per item
Content Rating Teen (Use of Alcohol, Simulated Gambling) 17+ (Frequent/Intense Simulated Gambling)
Interactive Elements Users Interact, In-Game Purchases Users Interact, In-Game Purchases
Release Date Jan 15, 2018
Languages English English

Key Features List

  • Over 50+ Video Poker Games: Includes popular games like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.
  • Multi-Hand Video Poker: Play up to 25 hands simultaneously for bigger jackpots.
  • Multi-Rise Poker™ Variations: Unique offerings like Poker Trio and Joker Poker.
  • Generous Rewards System: 150,000 credit welcome bonus, daily and bi-hourly bonuses.
  • Social Media Integration: Facebook and Twitter connectivity for bonuses and community challenges.
  • Weekly Challenges: Engaging challenges with rewards for completion.
  • Leaderboard Competitions: Top players receive prizes.
  • Free to Play: With optional in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99.99.

🎲 Game Variety

Players have on their disposal over 50+ video poker games. These include favorites like Classic Poker – Joker’s Wild, Deuces Wild, and Jacks or Better, along with innovative offerings such as Multi Rise Poker and Super Aces Bonus Poker. The app’s signature feature, Multi-Rise Poker™, allows players to engage in multiple variations like Poker Trio Double Double Bonus and Joker Poker.

👐 Multi-Hand Video Poker

For those seeking more excitement, the app offers Multi-Hand video poker games where you can play up to 25 hands simultaneously, amplifying the chances for big jackpots.

🏆🏆 Exciting Challenges and Rewards

The app keeps players engaged with weekly challenges and the opportunity to compete in leaderboards. There are many rewards, with a generous 150,000 credit welcome bonus, daily and bi-hourly bonuses, and free bonus credits every 2 hours. Linking the app to Facebook can earn players an additional 500,000 free coins, plus weekly free coin posts.

🔥 Social Integration

Players can interact through Facebook, where they can become the Player of the Week or participate in Community Challenges for extra bonuses. The app also maintains an active presence on Twitter, offering the latest news and offers.

📜 Terms and Conditions

It’s important to note that Multi-Play Video Poker™ is intended for an adult audience and does not involve real money gambling.

🎉 Overall Experience

Multi-Play Video Poker™ stands out for its comprehensive variety of poker games, the excitement of multi-hand play, and a plethora of challenges and rewards that keep the gameplay engaging. Its ease of access across multiple platforms, coupled with a strong social media presence, makes it an attractive option for poker players looking for entertainment on the go.

Multi-Play Video Poker™ Promotions, Bonuses, and Rewards

🎁 Introduction

The Multi-Play Video Poker™ app, offered by Ruby Seven Studios Inc., stands out not only for its wide array of video poker games but also for its generous and engaging promotions, bonuses, and rewards system. This feature-rich rewards scheme is designed to keep players entertained and engaged for hours on end.

🌟 Generous Welcome Bonus

New users are greeted with a lavish 150,000 credit welcome bonus. This substantial starting amount allows new players to dive into various video poker games without the initial worry of running out of credits, ensuring a fun-filled start to their video poker journey.

🕒 Regular Bonuses

The app keeps the excitement alive with its continuous flow of bonuses:

  • Daily Bonuses: Players receive bonuses every day, ensuring they always have credits to play.
  • Bi-Hourly Credit Bonuses: Every two hours, players can claim free bonus credits, keeping the gameplay uninterrupted.
  • Free Bonus Credits: In addition to bi-hourly bonuses, there are other opportunities to earn free credits periodically.

🏆 Weekly Challenges

Adding to the thrill are the weekly challenges designed to test the skills and strategies of players. These challenges are not only fun but also rewarding, as completion leads to additional rewards.

🥇 Leaderboard Competitions:

For those who thrive on competition, the app features leaderboard contests where the top 10 players are awarded prizes. This not only fosters a competitive spirit but also rewards skill and consistency.

👍 Social Media Integration

Facebook Free Coins: Players are encouraged to like the game’s Facebook page, where they can claim 35,000 free coins every week.

  • Facebook Account Linking Bonus: Linking a Facebook account to the app rewards players with a hefty 500,000 free coin bonus.
  • Community Engagement: Players can participate as the ‘Player of the Week’ or contribute to the ‘Community Challenge’ for even bigger bonuses.

🎯 Poker Challenges

The app features exciting poker challenges where players can:

  • Engage in numerous challenges: Players can take on multiple challenges to test their poker skills.
  • Race Against Time: Completing challenges within a specified time adds an extra layer of excitement.
  • Reward for Completion: Successfully completing these challenges leads to bonus credits.

Rewards Summary Table

Reward Type Details
Welcome Bonus 150,000 credits
Regular Bonuses Daily and bi-hourly credit bonuses
Free Bonus Credits Available every 2 hours
Weekly Challenges Earn additional rewards
Leaderboard Prizes Top 10 players get rewards
Facebook Integration Weekly free coins, account linking bonus
Poker Challenges Complete for bonus credits

🔥 Conclusion
In summary, Multi-Play Video Poker™ offers a well-rounded and lucrative rewards system that not only enhances the gaming experience but also incentivizes consistent play. The blend of regular bonuses, social media integration, and competitive challenges makes it an engaging platform for video poker fans.

Multi-Play Video Poker™ In-app Purchase Overview

💰 Introduction:

While Multi-Play Video Poker™ offers a free-to-play experience, it also incorporates an in-app purchase system that allows players to buy virtual items with real money. This feature adds an extra dimension for those who wish to enhance their gaming experience. Importantly, in-app purchases can be disabled in the device’s settings for players who prefer not to use this feature.

🛑 Disabling In-app Purchases

For those concerned about unintended purchases, especially on shared devices, the option to disable in-app purchases in the device’s settings is a valuable feature. This ensures that players have control over their spending within the app.

📶 Internet Connection and Advertising

An internet connection is required not only for playing Multi-Play Video Poker™ but also to access its social features. Additionally, the app may contain advertising, which is typical for free-to-play games.

📦 Available In-app Purchase Options

From the Apple App Store, the following in-app purchase options are available:

  • Flash Poker Offers: Ranging from $2.99 to $69.99, these offers cater to varying levels of player engagement.
  • Poker Packs: Different sizes of poker packs are available, including the Medium Poker Pack ($6.99), Huge Poker Pack ($24.99), and others, providing players with a boost in credits.
  • Monthly Subscription Pack: Priced at $26.49, offering a regular supply of credits or exclusive benefits.

On Google Play Store, the in-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99, offering flexibility to cater to a wide range of players.

In-app Purchases Summary Table

Purchase Type Price Description
Flash Poker Offers (Various) $2.99 – $69.99 One-time credit packs for quick boosts
Medium Poker Pack $6.99 A moderate amount of credits
Huge Poker Pack $24.99 A large credit pack for extended play
Monthly Subscription Pack $26.49 Regular credits or exclusive benefits
Other Credit Packs $12.99 – $34.99 Various sizes for different needs

🌐 Compatibility and Interoperability

More information about the functionality, compatibility, and interoperability of Multi-Play Video Poker™ can be found in the app description and additional app store information. This ensures that players can make informed decisions about their purchases.

🎯 Conclusion

The in-app purchase system in Multi-Play Video Poker™ offers players the flexibility to enhance their gaming experience according to their preferences and budget. With a range of options from small boosts to substantial packs, it caters to a variety of player needs while maintaining the core free-to-play essence of the game.

Multi-Play Video Poker™ App Registration Process

🔑 Introduction

Getting started with the Multi-Play Video Poker™ app is a straightforward and user-friendly process. Registration is optional, but it unlocks additional features and bonuses that enhance the overall gaming experience. This section guides you through the registration process step by step.

📲 Downloading the App

  1. Visit Official Marketplaces:
    The app is available on both Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.
  2. Search for the App:
    Type “Multi-Play Video Poker™” in the search box of the respective marketplace.
  3. Install the App:
    Click on “Install” to download and install the app on your device.

🌟 Advantages of Registering

While registration is not mandatory, it comes with several benefits:

  • Game Progress Tracking: Registered accounts can keep track of their game progress.
  • Access to Additional Bonuses: Registration opens the door to exclusive bonuses and rewards.

🔗 Linking Facebook for Bonus Credits

One of the significant advantages of registering is the option to link your Facebook account, which instantly rewards you with a bonus of 500,000 free coins. This process not only boosts your coin balance but also integrates social features, allowing for a more connected gaming experience.

Steps for Registration

  1. Open the App:
    Launch the Multi-Play Video Poker™ app after installation.
  2. Choose to Register:
    Opt for registration when prompted. Remember, this step is optional but recommended.
  3. Link to Facebook (Optional):
    For extra benefits, link your Facebook account directly from the app. This step grants you a substantial bonus and enables social features.

🎁 Benefits of Registration

  • Bonus Credits: Receive 500,000 free coins for linking your Facebook account.
  • Progress Sync: Keep your game progress synced and secure.
  • Access to Exclusive Bonuses: Unlock special bonuses and rewards available only to registered users.
  • Social Integration: Enhance your experience by connecting with friends and the gaming community.

📝 Conclusion

The registration process in Multi-Play Video Poker™ is a seamless and beneficial step for players seeking a more enriched and connected gaming experience. With bonuses and enhanced features on offer, it’s a step worth considering for anyone diving into the world of video poker on this app.

Games at Multi-Play Video Poker™ App

🎰 Introduction

Multi-Play Video Poker™ offers a diverse and thrilling selection of video poker games, catering to various preferences and styles. With over 50 games, including classic favorites and unique variations, the app provides an unparalleled video poker experience. Here’s a glimpse into the array of games available.

🃏 Classic and Multi-Hand Video Poker

Players can enjoy traditional video poker games such as Classic Poker – Joker’s Wild, Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild. For those looking for more intensity, Multi-Hand Video Poker allows playing up to 25 hands simultaneously, significantly increasing the potential for big wins.

🔥 Popular Game Variations

  • Multi-Rise Poker™: A signature offering, including variations like Multi-Rise Jacks or Better and Poker Trio Double Double Bonus.
  • Double Double Bonus Poker: A game that offers extra bonus payoffs for different four of a kind combinations.
  • Super Aces Bonus Poker: A variant where specific Aces combinations yield higher payouts.
  • Triple Double Bonus Poker: Known for its high volatility and significant payout opportunities for particular four of a kind hands.

🌟 New Additions and Unique Features

  • Exciting New Keno Games: Broadening the variety, the app has introduced Keno games, adding another dimension to the gaming experience.
  • Double or Nothing: This feature allows players to double their winnings in a high-stakes bet.
  • Multi-Rise Trio: Gives players three chances to win in each round, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Highlight Games List

  • Classic Poker – Joker’s Wild: A twist on the classic game with the inclusion of a Joker.
  • Deuces Wild: Where twos are wild, creating more dynamic hand possibilities.
  • Jacks or Better: A popular and fundamental version of video poker.
  • Super Aces Bonus Poker: Enhanced payouts for specific Ace combinations.
  • Triple Double Bonus Poker: Offers high rewards for four of a kind hands.
  • Keno Games: A fresh addition for players seeking variety beyond poker.

🎉 Exciting Features

  • Multiple Hands: Play up to 25 hands at once for bigger jackpots.
  • Varied Game Styles: From classic to modern twists, catering to all poker enthusiasts.
  • Double or Nothing: A chance to double your winnings for the daring players.
  • Progressive Challenges: Showcase your skills and progress through exciting challenges.

🃏 Conclusion

Multi-Play Video Poker™ stands out with its extensive range of video poker games, offering classic favorites, exciting variations, and the thrill of multi-hand play. Whether you’re a seasoned poker player or new to the game, the app provides a rich and varied experience to suit all tastes.

Is Multi-Play Video Poker™ a Legit App?

🛡 Introduction

In the world of mobile apps, particularly in genres like gaming and gambling, the legitimacy and security of an app are paramount. Multi-Play Video Poker™, with its substantial user base and strong ratings on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, presents itself as a secure and reliable app. Let’s delve into various aspects that contribute to its legitimacy.

🌟 Ratings and Reviews

  • Google Play Store: The app boasts an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5, based on 2.78K reviews. Such a high rating, especially with a considerable number of reviews, typically indicates a well-received and trustworthy app.
  • Apple App Store: Similarly, on the Apple App Store, it holds a strong rating of 4.6 out of 5 from 527 ratings, reinforcing its credibility among iOS users.

🔐 App Permissions and Data Safety:

  • Permissions: The app requests permissions like Wi-Fi connection information, network access, and device vibration control. These are standard for most mobile games to ensure optimal functionality and connectivity.
  • Control Over Permissions: Users have the option to disable these permissions in device settings, offering a degree of control and security.
  • Data Safety: According to the data safety information provided, the app encrypts data in transit. This is a crucial aspect of protecting user data, especially in an app that involves in-game purchases and potentially sensitive information.

📊 Data Handling and Privacy:

  • Data Sharing: The app may share data types, including location and personal information, with third parties. This is a common practice for many apps, often used for advertising and analytics purposes.
  • Data Collection: The app collects similar types of data. Understanding this aspect is important for users concerned about their digital footprint.
  • User Control: Users can request data deletion, which is a positive aspect of user control over personal information.

🔍 App Privacy by Ruby Seven Studios, Inc.:

  • Data Used to Track: The developer indicates the collection of data like purchases, identifiers, and usage data, which may be used to track users across other apps and websites.
  • Data Linked to You: Certain data types are linked to the user’s identity, which is standard for personalization and user experience enhancement.
  • Variable Privacy Practices: The app’s privacy practices may vary based on features used, user age, and region, which is typical in the industry.

👍 Conclusion: Legitimacy of Multi-Play Video Poker™

  • High User Ratings: Strong ratings across both major app stores suggest a positive user reception.
  • Secure Data Handling: Encryption of data in transit and the option for users to control or delete their data.
  • Transparency: The developer’s openness about data collection and usage adds to the app’s legitimacy.
  • Reliable Developer: Ruby Seven Studios, Inc. is established in the app market, further adding to the trust factor.

In summary, Multi-Play Video Poker™ appears to be a legitimate and secure app, as indicated by user ratings, its data handling policies, and the developer’s reputation. However, users should always exercise discretion with their data and understand the privacy policies of any app they use.

Multi-Play Video Poker™ App Customer Service

🤝 Introduction

An app’s customer service quality is a crucial aspect of the overall user experience, especially in gaming apps like Multi-Play Video Poker™. This section examines the customer support provided by Ruby Seven Studios, the developer behind the app.

🌐 Website and Online Presence

  • Official Website: Ruby Seven Studios ( serves as the primary online portal for customer support. The website offers comprehensive information about the app, including FAQs, user guides, and more.
  • Languages Supported: English, ensuring clarity in communication for a wide range of users.

📞 Contact Options:

  • Phone Support: Users can reach out to customer service via the phone number +914844059440. Phone support can be particularly helpful for immediate assistance or complex issues.
  • Email Support: For non-urgent queries or detailed assistance, users can contact support via email at Email support is beneficial for keeping a record of interactions and detailed problem descriptions.

📍 Physical Address:

  • Corporate Office: The address provided, 275 Hill Street, Suite 230, Reno, NV 89501, adds a layer of credibility and accessibility, offering a physical location for official inquiries.

Customer Service Summary

Service Type Details
Website Ruby Seven Studios –
Phone Number +914844059440
Physical Address 275 Hill Street, Suite 230, Reno, NV 89501
Language English

👍 Assessment

The availability of multiple channels of support, including a responsive email system, accessible phone line, and an informative website, speaks volumes about the app’s commitment to user satisfaction. The provision of support in English ensures effective communication with a broad user base.

🔍 Conclusion

The customer service aspect of Multi-Play Video Poker™ is well-equipped to handle user inquiries and issues, offering a variety of contact methods to suit different needs. The presence of a physical address and a comprehensive website further enhance the reliability and accessibility of the app’s customer support.

Multi-Play Video Poker™ App Pros and Cons


  • Wide Variety of Games: Offers over 50 video poker games, including classic and unique variations.
  • Generous Bonuses: Features a 150,000 credit welcome bonus, daily and bi-hourly bonuses, and Facebook connectivity rewards.
  • Multi-Hand Video Poker: Allows playing up to 25 hands at once, increasing excitement and potential winnings.
  • Regular Updates and Challenges: Keeps the game fresh with new challenges and regular updates.
  • Strong User Ratings: High ratings on both Google Play and Apple App Store indicate a positive user experience.
  • Customer Support: Multiple support options including email, phone, and a comprehensive website.
  • Data Privacy: Encrypts data in transit and provides options for data control and deletion.
  • Social Media Integration: Facebook integration enhances community engagement and offers additional bonuses.


  • In-App Purchases: While the app is free, in-app purchases can add up for those seeking to enhance their experience.
  • Data Sharing: Shares and collects user data, which may be a concern for privacy-minded individuals.
  • Limited Languages: Currently available only in English, which might limit accessibility for non-English speakers.
  • Ads and Internet Requirement: Contains ads and requires an internet connection, which might be inconvenient for some users.
  • Age Restriction: With a focus on simulated gambling, the app is not suitable for all age groups.

Multi-Play Video Poker™ App Questions and Answers

🔍 Is Multi-Play Video Poker™ free to download and play?

Yes, the app is free to download and play. Players can enjoy a variety of video poker games without any initial cost.

🤔 Can I play Multi-Play Video Poker™ without an internet connection?

No, an internet connection is required to play Multi-Play Video Poker™ and access its social features.

💰 Are there in-app purchases in Multi-Play Video Poker™?

Yes, while the app is free, it offers in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 for players who wish to buy additional credits or features.

🔒 How does Multi-Play Video Poker™ handle user data and privacy?

The app encrypts data in transit. It may share and collect user data like location and personal information, but users can control and request the deletion of their data.

🎮 What types of video poker games are available in the app?

Multi-Play Video Poker™ offers over 50+ games including Classic Poker, Multi-Hand Video Poker, and unique variations like Multi-Rise Poker™.

🎁 Are there any bonuses for new players in Multi-Play Video Poker™?

Yes, new players receive a 150,000 credit welcome bonus, and linking the app with a Facebook account grants an additional 500,000 free coins.

🔧 How can I contact customer service for Multi-Play Video Poker™?

Customer service can be reached via email at or by phone at +914844059440. There’s also a website for additional support.

🗺 In what languages is Multi-Play Video Poker™ available?

Currently, the app is available in English.

These Q&As aim to address common queries about the Multi-Play Video Poker™ app, providing potential and current users with a clearer understanding of its features and functionalities.

Multi-Play Video Poker™ App Conclusion

🌟 Final Thoughts

Multi-Play Video Poker™ emerges as a robust contender in the mobile video poker arena. It’s a haven for poker enthusiasts, offering a blend of classic and innovative poker experiences, all at your fingertips. The app shines with its vast array of games, generous bonuses, and user-friendly interface. While the presence of in-app purchases and data sharing might give pause to some, the overall experience is designed to be engaging and rewarding.

The integration of social features adds a community dimension, making gameplay not just a solitary activity but also a social one. The high ratings on app stores and the comprehensive customer support system further affirm its credibility and reliability. In essence, Multi-Play Video Poker™ stands as a well-rounded app catering to the diverse needs of video poker players.

Overall Rating

In conclusion, Multi-Play Video Poker™ is a standout choice for anyone looking to enjoy a variety of video poker games in a secure and user-friendly environment. Whether you’re a casual player or a poker aficionado, this app promises an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Apps Like Multi-Play Video Poker™

For fans of video poker, there are several apps similar to Multi-Play Video Poker™ that offer a range of engaging and entertaining options. Here’s a quick look at the top 5:

  1. Original Video Poker: Offers a premium video poker experience with authentic Game King and 3/5/10 Play Draw Poker. It’s free to play with credits replenished every two hours.
  2. Ultimate X Poker: This app brings the authentic Ultimate X Poker experience to mobile devices, available for free play with regular credit refills.
  3. 100 Play Poker: If you enjoy playing multiple hands, this app allows you to play 100 hands of video poker at a time. It’s also free with credits provided every two hours.
  4. Spin Poker: This app combines video poker with the thrill of slot pay lines, offering 6 different Spin Poker games. Players receive free credits bi-hourly.
  5. Classic Keno Games: For those who enjoy keno, this app features popular games like Cleopatra Keno and Caveman Keno, available for free play with frequent credit bonuses.

Each of these apps provides a unique video poker experience with various games and features. They’re all free to play, offering regular credit bonuses to keep the games going.