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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 review

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 review

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold5 emerges as one of the biggest advancements in foldable technology, carrying a hefty price tag of $1,799. It looks like a regular Android smartphone at first glance, but opens up like a book to transform into a 7.6-inch tablet. A major step forward in bendable technology, this device fully justifies its price, especially if you are one of those users who appreciate bleeding-edge innovation.

One of the standout features of Samsung’s new foldable is its gapless design. The company has refined the hinge to eliminate the awkward gap between the two halves when the device is folded. This is a significant improvement from Samsung’s previous foldables that aligns the Galaxy Z Fold5 with other leading contenders on the market like the Huawei Mate X3.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5: Key Specifications Overview
SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy
Display Main: 7.60″ Foldable Dynamic AMOLED 2X, Cover: 6.2″ Dynamic AMOLED 2X
Storage Options: 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB
Battery 4,400mAh
Ports USB-C
Operating System Android 13 and One UI 5.1.1
Cameras Front: 4MP under-display, Cover: 10MP
Connectivity UWB, NFC
Dimensions Folded: 67.1 x 155 x 13mm, Unfolded: 130 x 155 x 6.1mm
Colors Ice Blue, Phantom Black, Cream, + Exclusive: Gray, Blue
Weight 253g
IP Rating IPX8

Editor’s Rating

🛡 The build quality has been significantly enhanced with an Armor aluminum frame and the latest Gorilla Glass Victus 2, both of which greatly improve the durability of the device. Furthermore, the Fold5 is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy and delivers a performance that’s as smooth as its folding mechanism. Additionally, with storage capabilities now leveraging UFS 4.0, speed and efficiency are beyond impressive.

📺 The visual experience is uncompromised as Samsung has equipped the device with a 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display that supports a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and HDR10+. Another major improvement from previous models is the slimmer S-Pen case. While this is a significant upgrade that can greatly improve users’ productivity and creativity, you will have to purchase your S-Pen separately as it is not included in the Z Fold5 package.

🔍 On the exterior, the 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED cover display also maintains a 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10+, with a punch-hole design that excludes S-Pen support, focusing on quick interactions and notifications.
The Z Fold5 is a huge leap forward that takes foldable smartphones to a whole new level. This device is designed not just to impress, but to last.

1. Design and Build

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is an exemplification of advanced engineering and elegant design in the foldable phone segment. Here are some key insights into what this device has to offer:

  • Refined Hinge: The new hinge design not only eliminates the gap but also protects the flexible screen from damage. 🚫🛡
  • Slimmer Profile: The Fold5 offers improved portability without compromising screen size as it is 10 grams lighter and up to 2 millimeters thinner when folded. 📒👜
  • Enhanced Durability: Upgraded with Gorilla Glass Victus 2, the Z Fold5 is more resistant to scratches and drops. 💪🔨
  • Water Resistance: The IPX8 rating ensures protection against water, adding to the phone’s durability. 💦🏊
  • Aesthetic and Practical Design: The Z Fold5 is more compact when closed, has a slimmer stylus, and delivers a seamless external screen experience. 🎨👝

The table below contains a brief rundown of the design and build qualities of the Galaxy Z Fold5.

Feature Description
Hinge Mechanism New design enabling a gapless closure
Dimensions & Weight 2mm thinner, 10g lighter, 253g in weight
Durability Gorilla Glass Victus 2 for exterior panels, Armor aluminum frame
Water Resistance IPX8 rating (no dust resistance due to hinge design)
Cover Display 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel with Gorilla Glass Victus 2, 120Hz refresh rate
Rear Panel Gorilla Glass Victus 2 with protruding camera housing and metal ring protection
Sound System Dual speakers with ports and microphones strategically placed
Foldable Display 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X, with under-display camera, plastic protector
Crease Visibility Noticeable at first but becomes less perceptible with regular use
Color Options Phantom Black, Icy Blue, Cream, plus exclusives: Gray and Blue
S-Pen Compatibility Limited to the internal display with the new Slim S-Pen Case
Fold/Unfold Experience Improved hinge offers a smoother motion and a flatter fold

The Galaxy Z Fold5 unfolds to reveal a device that is not only visually stunning but also built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Samsung has introduced a few nominal changes that greatly improve the design, as small as they are. The LED flash is now positioned outside the camera island, which is one of the most notable differences between the Z Fold5 and its predecessor.

Samsung has also added elevated protective rings that safeguard the phone’s advanced camera from damage. Overall, the device sits more comfortably in your hand and feels less bulky when folded compared to the previous model.

2. Display and Visual Experience

Samsung’s innovative AMOLED technology shines brightly in the Galaxy Z Fold5, with two displays that offer vibrant, yet realistic visuals. Below are some key insights, followed by a detailed table that gives you the gist of what these high-caliber screens have to offer.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 max display

  • Dual AMOLED Panels: The 6.2-inch cover screen and a 7.2-inch main display are both boasting dynamic refresh rates. 📱🔄
  • Dynamic Refresh Rate: The inner display supports a dynamic refresh rate that ranges from 1Hz to 120Hz, which improves the battery’s endurance and facilitates the always-on screen feature. The cover panel allows for refresh rates from 48Hz to 120Hz. 🌟🔋
  • High Resolution: Samsung’s new foldable boasts incredible sharpness as the inner display comes with a 373 ppi density and a 2176 x 1812 resolution. The cover panel is also quite impressive with a pixel density of 401 ppi and a resolution of 2316 x 904 pixels. 🔍✨
  • Peak Brightness: The internal display is capable of delivering a maximum brightness of 1101 nits and the top screen peaks at 1143 nits, ensuring full visibility in brightly lit outdoor environments. ☀️💡
  • Color Accuracy: The Fold5 has two color modes, Vivid and Natural, and impresses with great accuracy on both displays. Users can personalize the temperature of the colors from the display settings. 🎨🔧
  • Refresh Rate Versatility: The refresh rate changes based on the content users are viewing, which translates into superior visuals and higher battery efficiency. 🔄💼
  • HDR Streaming: The full support for HDR10+ streaming ensures a premium viewing experience for all your favorite content. 🎬🍿
The Galaxy Z Fold5 Display Specifications at a Glance
Feature Main Display (Foldable) Cover Display (External)
Type 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X
Resolution 2176 x 1812 pixels (373 PPI) 2316 x 904 pixels (401 PPI)
Refresh Rate 1 to 120 Hz (Adaptive) 48 to 120 Hz (Adaptive)
Brightness Manual: 481 nits, Boost: 789 nits, Auto: 1101 nits Manual: 450 nits, Boost: 735 nits, Auto: 1143 nits
Color Modes Vivid and Natural Vivid and Natural
Color Accuracy DeltaE of 3.8 (DCI-P3), 2.3 (sRGB) DeltaE of 3.8 (DCI-P3), 2.3 (sRGB)
Protection Plastic film Gorilla Glass Victus 2
HDR Support HDR10+ HDR10+

The Galaxy Z Fold5 delivers a spectacular viewing experience, whether you’re flipping through your photo gallery, streaming the latest high-definition content, or playing the latest mobile games. The inner display offers more than sufficient space and impresses with crisp and vivid but incredibly realistic colors. The under-display camera hidden beneath the internal screen enables users to snap quick, albeit low-quality photos without interrupting their other activities. 🌅🎭

The top screen is in no way inferior where visual quality is concerned. It delivers nearly the same color accuracy and sharpness, which is not always the case with foldable devices. The display performs well in real-life conditions and everything is clearly visible whether you are in a dimly-lit room or outdoors under direct sunlight.

The eye-comfort shield prevents your eyes from getting tired during periods of prolonged use by dynamically adjusting the color temperature. Overall, Samsung lives up to its reputation for premium displays with the Z Fold5, whose practicality does not come at the expense of visual quality. 🤝💼

3. Performance and Efficiency

In addition to its high-quality inner and outer displays, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 impresses with solid performance and a robust hardware tailored for speed and multi-tasking. Here are some key insights.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 max Performance

  • Optimized Snapdragon: A custom-made Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 For Galaxy powers the Z Fold5, providing a speed boost of up to 3.36 GHz for enhanced performance. 🔧🚀
  • Ample RAM: The ability to multitask is one of the biggest attractions the Z Fold5 has to offer. Samsung’s new foldable phone comes with 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM to ensure seamless operation and superior battery efficiency. All three storage options (256GB, 512GB, and 1TB) share the same RAM capacity. 📊🔋
  • Generous Storage Offers: Samsung entices potential buyers with various rebates on its official website. At the time of publication, customers have the option to purchase the 512GB model of the Z Fold5 at the price of the 256GB variant. Keep in mind these offers have limited availability and are subject to change over time. 🎁💾
  • Balanced Performance: The chipset strikes a fine balance between high performance for demanding tasks and efficiency for everyday use. ⚖️✨
Performance Specifications Table
SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 “For Galaxy”
CPU Clock Speed 3.36 GHz
Storage Options 256 GB, 512 GB, 1TB (with promotional offers)
Thermal Management Optimized for heat dispersion

The Galaxy Z Fold5’s performance credentials are impressive. As a product of Samsung’s collaboration with Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset delivers both impressive speed and high reliability. 🤝🧠

The Z Fold5 handles all tasks effortlessly, from mobile gaming to browsing and engaging with multiple apps. It shows no signs of strain when you connect it to wider-screen devices like a computer monitor or a TV, which is possible thanks to the Samsung DeX feature. 🎮📈

Thermal management is among the most impressive aspects of this phone’s performance. Unlike many high-powered devices that can overheat when overloaded, the Fold5 remains relatively cool. It’s only during more intensive tasks like longer photography sessions on a warm day that you might notice it heating. 🌡️👌

The device’s efficiency extends beyond sheer processing power. With 12GB of RAM at your disposal, you can seamlessly switch between multiple apps, stream content, and edit your notes or photos without running into any issues. Running out of space is no concern, either, as the device offers generous storage of up to 1TB. 🎬🗃️

In short, the Galaxy Z Fold5 is not just about the wow factor of the folding screen – it is a robust device capable of handling virtually anything you can throw at it. This makes it a prime choice for power users who need their phones to keep up with their busy lifestyles. 💼🏃‍♂️

4. Battery Life

Navigating the complexities of battery life in modern foldables, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 stands as a testament to endurance. Here’s an insightful breakdown of the battery specifications of this powerful device.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Battery

  • Battery Capacity: The Z Fold5 has the same 4,400mAh battery as its predecessor the Z Fold4. 🔋
  • Endurance Rating: Samsung’s latest foldable can endure up to 95 hours when one uses the internal display. ⌛
  • Screen-on Performance: Users can enjoy up to 14 hours of web surfing and more than 16 hours of viewing video content. 🌎🎬
  • Voice Calls and Standby: The device excels during voice calls but its performance in standby mode aligns with market standards. 📞💤
  • Cover Screen Efficiency: The outer screen mirrors the internal display in terms of web browsing and video playback times. 📱🔄
Charging Type Speed Performance
Wired Charging Up to 25W 30% in 15 mins, 50% in 30 mins, 100% in 84 mins
Wireless Charging Up to 15W Adequate for convenience, not speed
Reverse Charging Up to 4.5W Handy for accessories and emergency charges

The Z Fold5 balances performance with efficiency, maintaining similar battery life benchmarks to its predecessor despite the introduction of a new chipset. While the standby time could use some optimization, the consistency in screen-on metrics is commendable. 🎯

Prioritizing battery health over endurance is apparently a part of Samsung’s strategy. The South Korea-based tech company has incorporated trademark features like Protect Battery and Adaptive Battery to extend the battery life of its latest foldable. On the flip side, no charger is included in the box and potential buyers must purchase one separately. There is also room for improvement when it comes to wire charging which is limited to 25 watts. ⚠️📦

Screen-on endurance during real-world usage heavily depends on connectivity and the intensity of the tasks the device is required to perform. Some users report remarkable endurance during a full day of use, while others complain about having to recharge in the middle of the day. 🌙🔌

Power users should obviously draw up an adequate charging strategy that corresponds to their daily engagement with the device. Those who prioritize extending the lifespan of their batteries can always take advantage of Samsung’s Protect Battery feature, which caps maximum charging at 85%. 🔒

This leads us to the conclusion that the Z Fold5 delivers an all-day experience but Samsung can definitely improve on charging speed, especially if we consider the hefty price tag of this foldable. ⚡️💰

5. Camera

The camera setup of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is not particularly impressive but this is a common issue all foldable phones share. Nevertheless, the device offers a camera system that manages to capture high-quality images despite the lack of hardware upgrades from the Z Fold4. Stay with us as we delve into the specifics.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Camera

  • Camera Setup: The Z Fold5 carries over the previous generation’s camera setup, with a 50MP main camera, a 10MP 3x zoom camera, and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. 🎟️👁️
  • Software Tweaks: Samsung has fine-tuned the software and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy’s improved image processing may enhance the photo quality. 🔄🧠
  • Front Cameras: The 10MP selfie camera on the cover screen and 4MP under-display camera on the main screen demonstrate that Samsung prioritizes functionality over finesse. 🤳👀
  • Lens Flare Reduction: A new lens coating has been introduced to minimize lens flares, a subtle but much-appreciated touch. 💡🛡️
Camera Specification Notable Features
Main 50 MP, f/1.8 Samsung’s color-rich processing
Telephoto 10 MP, 3x optical zoom Decent reach for distant subjects
Ultra-Wide 12 MP, 123˚ field of view Adequate for group shots and landscapes
Cover Selfie 10 MP High-quality selfies and video calls
Under-Display 4 MP Sufficient for video calls

In daylight conditions, the main sensor captures vibrant photos with Samsung’s signature saturation boost. However, the telephoto and ultra-wide lenses may not match the versatility and range of some competitors like the Pixel Fold or the Galaxy S23 Ultra. 🌞🔍

Night photography is decent with the Z Fold5, with the caveat of requiring a steady hand for clear results. Low-light conditions reveal the limitations of last year’s technology, although satisfactory results are still within reach for the patient photographer. 🌙✨

For selfie enthusiasts, the camera on the cover screen is the best option. The under-display sensor should be your last resort when taking selfies as both resolution and quality are low. This is one area Samsung can improve in when releasing future foldables. 🤳🚫

However, the Z Fold5 shines in the camera software department. Flex Mode is one feature worth mentioning as it enables you to use the camera at different angles. Selfie Mode also deserves attention as it uses the rear cameras to capture impressive self-portraits. Features like these enable users to take photos that are otherwise impossible with regular smartphones. Such software improvements partially compensate for the absence of hardware upgrades in Samsung’s latest foldable. 🔄🆕

In short, the camera setup of the Z Fold5 favors practicality over bleeding-edge innovations in technology and presents users with the opportunity to capture photos that are unique to foldable phones. While it may not be the top choice for camera aficionados, it delivers more than adequate performance for everyday users and capitalizes on the foldable’s versatility to offer a distinctive photographic experience. 📱👌

6. Software

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold5 runs on One UI 5.1.1, a subtly enhanced version tailored for the foldable experience. The software is not just a layer on top of Android 13 but also an integral part of what makes the Fold5 more than just hardware. Here are some key takeaways.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 software

  • Improved Multitasking: One UI 5.1.1 facilitates improved multitasking with the inclusion of user-friendlier controls. The software also enables users to seamlessly transition from pop-up to split-screen view. 🔄🖡
  • Taskbar Utility: The software features a new taskbar that gives you instant access to four apps you have recently used. The ability to effortlessly transition from one task to the next greatly improves the users’ productivity 🚀📱
  • Future Updates: Samsung has always been committed to extending the lifespan of its products. Considering this, it is hardly surprising that the company’s latest foldable flagship is eligible for five years of security updates and four years of major software upgrades. 🗓️🛡️
  • One UI Ecosystem: The Fold5’s One UI ecosystem encourages multitasking with full S Pen support and the Samsung DeX for a desktop-like experience. ✏️🖥️
Feature Description
Operating System Android 13 with One UI 5.1.1
Multitasking Enhanced multitasking with easy app switching and management
S Pen Support Full integration with S Pen for note-taking and navigation
Samsung DeX Transform your phone into a desktop with Samsung DeX
Update Commitment Four years of OS updates and five years of security patches

Users who have previous experience with Samsung’s foldable phones will encounter many familiar functionalities and features in One UI 5.1.1. The operating system has seen multiple enhancements, especially when it comes to multitasking. The improvements incorporated here enable users to make the most of the massive screen space available to them. 🌌📊

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say the interface literally encourages multitasking as you have plenty of docks and drawers at your disposal. This is further enhanced by the support of Samsung’s elegant stylus, the S Pen, which enables you to sketch, jot down notations, and control certain functions remotely. Also, users who have relied on DeX for a portable workstation will find the Z Fold5 just as capable, if not more, than its predecessors. 🛠️👔

With Samsung’s stellar record on updates even surpassing Google’s, the Z Fold5 is poised to be a long-term investment. The foldable will receive updates through Android 17, ensuring users remain at the forefront of mobile software advancements. 🔄🔮

In a nutshell, the Galaxy Z Fold5 offers a polished, practical, and cutting-edge software experience. The device already has impressive multitasking capabilities as it is, but future updates will surely lead to more improvements that will further enhance users’ workflow. 🌟📈

7. Connectivity and Extras

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 stands as a testament to cutting-edge connectivity, boasting a wide range of bands and state-of-the-art wireless technologies. Below is a detailed exploration of its connectivity features.

  • Comprehensive Network Support: The Z Fold5 offers full support for a varied range of networks to ensure compatibility across all regions. Needless to say, the device can also connect to 5G cellular networks. 🌍📡
  • Advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Users will benefit from faster and more stable wireless connections since the Galaxy Z Fold5 supports the Wi-Fi 6E standard as well as Bluetooth 5.3. Tri-band and Wi-Fi Direct are also available. 🚀📶
  • Positioning Systems: Samsung’s flagship foldable impresses with a broad range of global positioning systems (GALILEO, GLONASS, BeiDou, GPS) that improve the precision of its navigation and location services. 🧭✨
  • SIM Flexibility: The Z Fold5 supports both nano-SIM and eSIM cards but the number of slots is region-specific. The models available for sale in the United States have one slot for each type of card, whereas users from other markets will benefit from two slots for nano-SIM cards on top of the eSIM slot. 💳🔄
Feature Specification
Network Coverage Full support for GSM, CDMA, HSPA, EVDO, LTE, and 5G networks
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6e, tri-band, Wi-Fi Direct
Bluetooth Version 5.3 with A2DP, LE, aptX HD
NFC Available for contactless transactions and connectivity
Radio Not available

The Z Fold5’s Wi-Fi 6E capabilities ensure it’s at the forefront of speed and efficiency in wireless connectivity, essential for a device that may often double as a productivity powerhouse. The Galaxy Z Fold5 does not fall behind rival devices like the Pixel Fold as it demonstrated impressive download and upload speeds during our comparative tests. 📶💨

We also tested Samsung’s new foldable on a T-Mobile 5G UC network to see how it does on the cellular front and the results were equally commendable. The device delivers speeds that will more than suffice for your downloading and streaming needs, not to mention dealing with your cloud-based tasks will be a breeze. You will experience no issues with cellular connectivity even in the most crowded metropolitan areas. 🏙️🚆

This foldable also supports a comprehensive range of global positioning systems, as we mentioned earlier. Users will be able to track their location with absolute precision in both urban and rural areas. 🏞️📍

Many modern smartphones have no FM radio capabilities and the Z Fold5 is no exception. While traditionalists might be disappointed by this omission, users accustomed to streaming platforms like Spotify will hardly take issue with the absence of the radio. 📻🚫

In a nutshell, the Galaxy Z Fold5 offers no shortage of connectivity features, ensuring lightning-fast speeds across all router and cellular networks. People with busy traveling schedules will benefit from excellent global positioning systems, while those looking to conduct contactless payments can take advantage of the device’s NFC functionality. All these options combine to make the Z Fold5 a well-rounded device capable of catering to all user needs. 📱🌟

8. Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 arrives with a price that reflects its status as a premium, cutting-edge piece of technology. Here’s a breakdown of what potential buyers need to know about its cost and availability.

  • Premium Pricing: With a starting price of $1,799.99, the Z Fold5 stands shoulder-to-shoulder with top-tier foldables like Google’s Pixel Fold. 💰🔝
  • Strategic Offers: Samsung’s pre-order strategy of offering higher-tier storage for the price of lower-tier models adds value for early adopters. 🎁📈
  • Comparative Value: The Fold5’s pricing is particularly noteworthy considering that the Fold4, now at a reduced price, offers similar specs with minor differences. 🤔💸
Storage Price (Approx.) Notes
256GB 12GB €1,377.28 Introductory offers may vary
512GB 12GB €1,369.00 Pre-order or promotional periods might offer better value
1TB 12GB €2,099.00 Premium price for maximum storage capacity

The hefty price tag of the Galaxy Z Fold5 may shock people accustomed to regular non-bendable devices. However, we should not forget it is typical for foldable phones to be pricier as they are a product of great technological innovation.

With that in mind, you may want to reconsider purchasing this smartphone if you already own its predecessor. The Z Fold5 does not offer all that many upgrades over the Z Fold4 whose price is lower and starts at around $920 for the 256GB models. This renders the Z Fold4 a better alternative for users interested in purchasing a decent foldable device without the nominal improvements . 💫📱

The Z Fold5 measures well against high-end rival foldables like the Google Pixel Fold, which comes at roughly the same price. Both devices have their strengths. The Pixel Fold has a superior camera but the Fold5 is better at multitasking, so it ultimately comes down to your individual priorities and needs. Meanwhile, forthcoming competitors like the Honor Magic V2 and the Oppo Find N2 bring their unique selling points to the table. These two devices challenge Samsung’s foldable flagship with features like larger screens and faster charging, albeit sometimes at the cost of features like water resistance. 🏆📊

From a global distribution standpoint, the Z Fold5 enjoys widespread availability, supporting a vast array of bands for excellent connectivity almost anywhere. Its dual-SIM capability through nano-SIM and eSIM offers further flexibility for international users or those juggling personal and business lines. 🌎🔁

To sum up, the Galaxy Z Fold5 is a viable alternative for tech mavens and power users who find value in the latest innovations in foldable technology and can afford its higher price. Samsung promises years of software and security updates, which renders the Z Fold5 a good investment from a long-term perspective. 🌟🛠️

9. Conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is not merely a device but rather a testament to Samsung’s commitment to refining the foldable experience. It’s a product that, despite its few shortcomings, stands tall as the pinnacle of this new breed of smartphones. Here’s a summation of what makes the Z Fold5 a formidable presence in the tech world.

The Pinnacle of Foldables:

  • Premium Software Experience: The One UI 5.1.1 offers unmatched multitasking and user experience, set to further improve with the upcoming Android 14 and One UI 6 updates. 🔄📈
  • S-Pen Evolution: The slimmer S Pen case will appeal to a diverse group of users. Whether you are looking to jot down quick notes or make sketches, this elegant stylus will greatly improve your overall productivity. ✍️🗒️
  • Durability & Design: The gapless design of the Z Fold5 renders the device more compact and convenient to carry around, while the solid build results in an extended lifespan. 💼✨
  • Solid Fundamentals: The Z Fold5 has got you covered across all fundamentals, boasting long battery lifespan, great audio output, and compatibility with a broad range of network bands. 🔋🔊

The latest iteration of Samsung’s foldable flagships offers relatively few improvements when compared to its predecessor. For those whose budget doesn’t stretch to the Z Fold5, the Fold4 remains an attractive and more affordable alternative. 🔄💰

Areas That Bear Improvement:

  • Charging and Camera: The charging speed remains tepid compared to rivals, and the camera setup, while functional, misses an update. Samsung could push the envelope further in these two areas. ⚡📷
  • Design vs. Competition: Honor Magic V2 and Huawei Mate X3 are two contenders that outmatch the Z Fold5 in terms of aesthetic appeal but Samsung’s latest foldable comes with better software and boasts a broader availability around the world. 🌍💡

The Verdict:

The Galaxy Z Fold5 is likely to appeal to power users, multi-taskers, and smartphone technology aficionados. Its foldable screen is the best on the market, and Samsung’s software makes the most of this unique form factor. Even when not specifically tailored for the foldable display, apps come to life in a way they simply can’t on conventional smartphones. 📲🎉

The Z Fold5 might bear an eye-watering price tag, but its higher cost is justified by the cutting-edge technology it offers. It’s a device that can transform from a high-performance phone to a dynamic tablet, fitting neatly into your pocket—a marvel of modern technology. 💰🚀

In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is a foldable that is tough to beat. It strikes a fine balance between innovation, functionality, and sheer enjoyment. For those who can afford its premium cost, the Z Fold5 is not just a new phone but rather a new frontier in mobile technology. 🏆🌌

10. Pros and Cons

As with any sophisticated piece of technology, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 has its share of strengths and weaknesses. We lay down all the pros and cons of this device to help potential buyers make a more informed decision.


  • Improved Foldable Experience: Samsung introduced a much-needed improvement with the gapless hinge that makes this foldable thinner, boosts its aesthetic appeal, and offers better protection. 🚫🔗
  • Durability: The device is assigned a water resistance rating of IPX8, which means it can withstand immersion of around 1.5 meters for about half an hour. 💦🛡️
  • Display Excellence: Both the cover screen and the internal display rely on Samsung’s trademark AMOLED technology, allowing for bright, crisp visuals and dynamic refresh rates of up to 120Hz. 📱✨
  • Battery Longevity: The Galaxy S Fold5 demonstrated satisfactory battery endurance during our on-screen test. We consider its battery life beyond impressive for a foldable smartphone.🔋⌛
  • Software Mastery: The One UI 5.1.1 provides a feature-rich environment, with top-notch multitasking and S Pen support. ✏️💼
  • Camera Quality: The device impressed us with its consistently excellent photo and video output across the main and telephoto cameras. 📷💯
  • Design Update: The Z Fold5 is slimmer and lighter than its predecessors, making it more pocket-friendly and comfortable to handle. 🎒✨


  • Familiar Design: Despite improvements, the overall design is beginning to show its age. 🔄🗓️
  • Camera Stagnation: No significant camera upgrades, especially the ultrawide lens, which could use an upgrade. 📸🔄
  • Charging Speed: The 25W charging capability feels limited for a premium device in 2023. ⚡📒
  • Missed Opportunities: Samsung has failed to incorporate several important upgrades over the previous model that would have been much appreciated by fans of the foldable experience.❌📈
  • Cost Factor: The premium price of the Z Fold5 may be beyond the means of many potential users. 💰🚧
  • Speaker Placement: Some speakers may find it difficult to get accustomed to the speaker’s location. 🔉🤔

The Z Fold5 is a great foldable phone overall but still has its downsides. The device is durable, has a long battery life, and delivers a superior viewing experience thanks to its two premium displays with dynamic refresh rates. Certain aspects of this phone do bear improvement, including the charging speeds and the underwhelming resolution of the under-display camera. However, the latter is a common issue with under-display technology which has not yet evolved to match the image quality of standard phone cameras.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold5 remains the foldable to beat, a device that stands as much for its present-day capabilities as for its promise of what’s yet to come in the field of mobile technology.

11. User Reviews and Feedback

The Galaxy Z Fold5 has garnered attention from a diverse range of users, from tech enthusiasts to productivity-focused professionals. Here’s a snapshot of what some of them are saying.

The reviews featured above represent the opinions of a versatile user base and showcase the Galaxy S23’s ability to cater to various needs and lifestyles. From the vibrant display that artists adore to the robust performance that business professionals rely on, this device continues to garner attention. Yet, the common complaints regarding its premium cost and size remind us that even the most cutting-edge technology has room for improvement.

12. Images and Videos

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – Compact Elegance

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 - Compact Elegance
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, shown in its closed state, features a sleek front display, highlighting the seamless integration of cutting-edge folding technology with a sophisticated and pocket-friendly design.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – Refined Rear Design

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 - Refined Rear Design
The back of the closed Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is presented with a smooth, metallic finish, featuring a triple camera system aligned vertically, punctuating its premium aesthetics and advanced photographic capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – Bottom View Precision

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 - Bottom View Precision
The image reveals the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, showing the USB-C charging port, speaker grille, and microphone, all designed with a meticulous attention to detail for a seamless user experience.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – Side View Detail

SSamsung Galaxy Z Fold5 - Side View Detail
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is pictured here in its closed state, showcasing the side of the device with its finely crafted hinge mechanism, volume rocker, and power button, emphasizing the phone’s innovative foldable technology and sleek design.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – Expansive Display Unfolded

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 - Sleek Side Aesthetics
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is pictured open, showcasing its expansive inner display that offers a tablet-like experience with a stunning graphic wallpaper and a neatly arranged suite of essential apps for productivity and entertainment.