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Apple And Samsung Patent War Starts Again

Apple has been all over the news on winning the Lawsuit against Samsung. Also Apple was rewarded $1bn on winning the lawsuit. After winning this battle, about eight phones of Samsung were banned from selling in US. Now, Apple is back again by filing another legal issues against the patents. This time Apple has filed the legal issue to ban 22 Android devices which include Tablets and which also include the flagship phone of the company, Galaxy SIII. The phones that are requested by Apple to ban include two variants of Galaxy SIII, 5 models of G...read more

Apple’s Patent Victory Over Samsung

The Long going patent issues between Apple and Samsung finally ended when the Judge took his decision against Samsung and in favor of Apple. Samsung would now have to pay $1 bn to Apple. Further court also ordered to re-examine the Android Operating system weather the patents relate to core Android. The failure of Samsung may lead to decrease in sales of Android as Apple also appealed that the sales of some of the most popular Samsung phones like Galaxy S2, Galaxy S 4G and some others should be restricted from selling. However Samsung Galaxy S...read more

Good News HTC Phone Lovers In US

Apple and HTC have been battling with each other over the patents and since apple won that law dispute between these two companies. Now it every HTC phone which enters the US market is first checked at the US customs and then forwarded. (more…)...read more

Motorola Phones Faces Ban In German Because of Microsoft Patent

Motorola is now being sued by Microsoft for violating its patent for the user interface of the Android devices. The court has further ordered to check all the Motorola devices for any violation of any other patent by Microsoft. (more…)...read more

Is There a Possibility that HTC Phones can be banned from US.?

The Legal battle between Apple and HTC against HTC can favour Apple and this can lead to a ban on HTC products. Now it’s been a year that both the companies are battling with each other. Their battle also complaints about the Apple’s larger complaint against Android that it is an copied product from the iPhone. (more…)...read more

Battle of Apple And Samsung Over The Patents

The South Korean Technology Company Samsung is being sued by Apple for the copying of design for its galaxy Tab and also for using one of the Apple’s patent. Samsung is trying hard solve the matter as Samsung tries the matter becomes more complicated. (more…)...read more