Twitter for iPhone Available for Free

Twitter has been spreading around the world. iPhone is from the most used Mobile Devices. The famous iPhone app named “Tweetie” was recently acquired by Twitter and now after a long wait, they have finally released it as “Twitter” for iPhone. (more…) more

iPhones BEST Top Down Shooters: Agree or Disagree?

Many of you who have iPhones and are fans of the old top-down shooters will be eagerly awaiting an iPhone version of the classic Raiden franchise. While we wait, there are a few shooters in the App Store that are on the right path. Which one is the best for your buck? Lets take a look.First up we have Sky Force &- Sky Force Reloaded by Infinite Dreams Inc for $2.49. The length of the campaign is almost double that of other shooters in the App Store and the addition of picking up civilians gives it a little more edge. This game was one of more

Monster Kill

I really wasn’t ready for the end of summer right now. Then I got a hold of Monster Kill from Itunes. This great Halloween themed game will have you ready for pumpkin carving and costume parties in no time. Find out in this review why this simple wall defense game does so well. (more…) more

Arcade Pool Online Review

I'm willing to use my imagination with a lot of iPhone games. I'm willing to race, shoot, spin, dodge—but there's something surreal, downright deconstructionist about taking the real things that we do and converting them into simulations for a platform that's no bigger than your palm. (more…) more

Blimp – The Flying Adventures Review

Don't be fooled. Despite its rather awkward name, "Blimp –- The Flying Adventures," this app soars high in multiple game genres. This 2-d arcade-style game is all at once a taxi driver, bomber, and racer game. And while it's easy to pick-up and play, you'll find it quickly consuming your free time.This particular app, which appeared at the Worldwide Developers Conference, supposedly took a team of three Czech guys five months to develop, and their effort did not go in vain. Craneballs Studios has a classic on their hands.In Blimp you more

Dungeon Defense Review

I am a fan of Tower Defense games and Dungeon Defense by InMotion Software does not disappoint. At first I was thinking this was a Dungeons and Dragons kind of game until I fired this baby up.I am not a fan of role playing games so I was very happy to see that this was a Tower Defense game instead. I was also very pleased to find out that this is different from the flood of TD games on the iTunes store.The overall goal of the game is to prevent enemies from reaching the end of the path and draining all the energy from the Dungeon King, more

Dapple Review

People have begun to complain that there are too many entries in various game genres within App Store. Too many poker apps, too many tower defense apps, too many match-3 apps…- well, you get the idea. (more…) more

Hallelujah Cut and Paste is Coming

According to a recent video cast from the guys over at Diggnation the heavily sought after and seemingly forgotten promise of cut and paste on the iPhone is finally on the way. (more…) more

Briscas – Review

I consider myself an aficionado of card games. I play all sorts of styles and even create new card games to give away for Christmas gifts. I'm the guy who when it's his turn to deal on poker night always comes up with new variations of hands. I love card games.I say this to preface the fact that until Briscas came to me for review I had never heard of this game. This surprised me because apparently it is very popular in several countries. I was very excited to try this out.My excitement went from 11 to 13 when I read the description on more

Blue Attack

I should start by saying that I am a big fan of Blue Defense. I love the look and control aspects of the game, and, most of all, for some reason I loved that instead of a health bar you were given the population of your planet and you sadly had to watch it as it counted down to the extinction of your planet.It made me want to get revenge for each death those Red Bastards had caused. And now, finally I have my chance. (more…) more