iPhone 4G Metal Frame Photos

An Italian Site called "ispazio" has posted some pictures and photos for the iPhone 4G Metal Frame, We really don't know if it's the real Metal Frame for the iPhone 4G or not, You can check it urself below after the jump... (more…)...read more

This What Expected to be the iPhone 4G!!

Have been talking about the Next iPhone, But what Will it Really be and what's the new features in it? These are just suggestions, But it's based on references and expecting. So in this Post you can see All What you Want to know about the iPhone 4G! (more…)...read more

Finally, White iPhone 4G has been LOST!

Finally, the White iPhone 4G has been leaked in the wild. it now looks like Apple has finally lost yet another iPhone 4G / HD, this time in full “White” color! This indicates that Apple has plans to launch a white iPhone 4G. You can see The leaked next iPhone in white after the jump.. (more…)...read more

iPhone 4G Will be Available in Many Colors!!

Here you can see an attractive rendered iPhone 4G pics, with its smart design, These stunning renderings are again based on the lost iPhone 4G / HD, It would have been even more better if we could get to see the next-iPhone. (more…)...read more