iOS 4.1 GM, the Full Coverage [Updating]

At the moment we are doing huge test operations of iOS 4.1 GM on iPhone 4 which was released an hour ago. In this article I will show you all you need to know about iOS 4.1, what's new, bug fixes and improvements. Here's my first impressions on the new firmware update iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch. (more…) more

Apple Releases iOS 4.1 GM

Hola! Now iOS 4.1 GM is live on the Apple's developer website which was down for some time after the end of Apple's musical event. If you have a developer account, you will be able to download it now and try it on your iPhone. iOS 4.1 will be released for public by the next week. (more…) more

Apple Spokeswoman: No Fix for Proximity Sensor Issues Patched to iOS 4.1

When the iPhone 4 was launched, there were a series of issues. First, and the most important is antenna issues when you hold the iPhone, but also iPhone 4 owners complained of a proximity sensor issues that results hanging up of calls or mysterious button presses that would mute or invite another person into the call. There were some reports that proximity sensor issues will be fixed in the final iOS 4.1 release which expected next week. (more…) more

How to: Downgrade iOS 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 / 4.0 Without SHSH Blobs [EXCLUSIVE]

Yes, you read it write! Now you can downgrade the annoying new iOS 4.0.2 to iOS 4.0.1 or iOS 4, without having your SHSH blobs saved. YES! without SHSH blobs. The tip was sent to us by one of our readers who wishes to remain anonymous, we made some tests and we got our conclusion at the end of the post. (more…) more

Manage All Files On Your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Using iFiles 1.7

iFiles is a beautiful application, which works similarly to Air Sharing. With a Wi-Fi, you can access your device with a browser and download any file within the application itself and then open it, edit it, delete it. iFiles is a file manager, document viewer, text editor, voice recorder, wifi drive, and more. Yesterday it is available in version 1.7 (more…) more

What Should we Expect from Apple in September 1st Event?

It's only two days ago when Apple started to sent invitations for a special Apple musical event. Today, Apple Dressed The Yerba Buena Center For The Event Of September 1st. But people wondering about what should be expected there? can there be an iOS 4.1 announcement? Well, here's my thoughts. (more…) more

Finally, iMac Touch Shows up in Apple Patent

Patently Apple has reported a new Apple Patent which shows the possibility of a touch enabled Mac called "iMac Touch" which was rumored and floating on the web DigiTimes. This iMac can be used under Mac OS X and also enables the user to switch to iOS when sliding the computer down for touch input. It has a stand, when you slide it down, you can change it to iOS interface and start using it as a desktop iPad. (more…) more

Sn0wbreeze 2.0 Will be Released in Few Hours to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.0.2

A few minutes ago iH8sn0w has just posted on his twitter that he is about to release the Sn0wbreeze 2.0 after few hours, after he finished the integration between iREB and Snwbreeze 2.0 we have mentioned before, that sn0wbreeze 2.0 will jailbreak iPhone 3GS (Old Bootrom) on iOS 4.0.2. (more…) more

iTV Will Release By Mid Of September, iTv Will Change Everything

The founder of Digg, Kevin Rose, has expressed some ideas about AppleTV (aka iTV). There is no new technical details but Apple could launch the new product in September. Engadget has already spoken several time of the new iTV, on the basis of statements unearthed. (more…) more