AirPlay : New Audio System to Play Music Wirelessly Throughout Home

Surely you remember that during the Apple event, as well as the small preview of the new iOS 4.2  and Steve told us about the function of AirPlay which allowing us to play streaming audio and video on compatible devices directly from our iPhone, iPod and iPad . (more…) more

Apple Posts iOS 4.2 for iPad Details

As many of you know, Steve Jobs announced iOS 4.2 for iPad yesterday in his event, saying that the software update will be available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in November. Following this announcement, Apple has updated it's iPad software update page to include information on iOS 4.2. (more…) more

Apple Demos iOS 4.2 for iPad with Multitasking, Game Center, HDR photos

Steve Jobs is talking about iOS 4.2 in his press conference, which will be everything iOS 4.1 is bringing and bring iOS 4 (hello multitasking!!) to the iPad. Also, the most important feature is AirPlay, which is Apple's redub for AirTunes, with the important addition of being able to stream music and video from your computer to your i-device over WiFi. (more…) more