RedSn0w 0.9.5 Beta To Jailbreak iOS 4 for Legit iPhone 3G Activation Users

Today we told you about the msft.guy guy that has successfully jailbroken iOS 4 on iPhone 3GS by using PwangeTool bundles, But Now MuscleNerd has just confirmed that Redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta 4 can Jailbreak iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G for those with legit activations. (more…) more

iTunes 9.2 Beta has been Released [Mac Only, For Developers]

Apple has just Released iTunes 9.2 beta with the Release of iOS 4 for iPhone 3GS, 3G and iPod touch. But the beta version is for Developers only as it's under test and it's Available for Mac users only. (more…) more

iOS 4 GM for iPhone 3GS has been Jailbroken

msft.guy is back again, he has posted PwangeTool bundles for iPhone 3GS on iOS 4 GM Release which has been released yesterday. With this bundles you can jailbreak your iPhone 3GS, and unlock your device using blacksn0w. (more…) more

iOS 4.0 For iPhone and iPod touch avaliable for Download

Apple today has announced with the iPhone 4G, Also Steve Jobs just announced with the new firmware from Apple that was know as iPhone OS 4. But Jobs got a new name for it it's iOS 4 for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 2G/3G. Only Members of the iPhone Developer Standard or Enterprise program can download it right now, while the public will get it on the latest version of iTunes on June 21st . (more…) more