IconSupport Updated to Fix iTunes 10 Issues

It was just three days ago when iTunes 10 released just after Apple's event. But, many users are now reporting crashes (due to incompatibility with multiple Cydia apps. You have two methods to solve that, the first is to downgrade iTunes 10 to iTunes 9.2.1 if you don't need Ping and new features, the second is to update IconSupport (which caused crashes) (more…)...read more

Auto3G, Extends your iPhones Battery Life by Automatically Turning Off 3G [Update x1]

Auto3G is a simple tweak in Cydia that increases your iPhone's battery life by turning off 3G raido (leaving 2G radio on) when you don't need it automatically. In brief, it turns off your 3G radio when your iPhone in standby, turns on when you unlock it. (more…)...read more

Use Your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad While Syncing with iTunes using Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a new tweak in Cydia allows you to use your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad while syncing with iTunes instead of being stuck on the at the lock screen while you transfer new content. You can run apps, make calls, play games, and anything you want to do except running the Music app which is disabled during syncs to prevent data corruption. (more…)...read more

Multifl0w, Expose-Like Multitasking for iOS 4 and iPad

Multitasking feature was added to iOS 4 two months ago and it has some issues with iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G users including slow performance! So Aaron Ash has updated his app “Multifl0w” to work on iOS 4.x for iPhone and iOS 3.x for iPad. “Multifl0w” is expose-like multitasking interface, it was updated for speed, reliability, iOS 4 and brings a new redesigned interface. (more…)...read more

FastSnap to Snap Photos with Volume Buttons as Camera+ [Jailbreak Required]

Last week, we already told you that Camera+ has been pulled from the App Store as the developer has revealed a hack which enabled a feature called "VolumeSnap" that Apple rejected as it was against Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. So here's a new app available in RockApp with less cost (you don't expect) and enables the same feature "VolumeSnap". (more…)...read more

MakeItMine to Make Your Custom Carrier Name [Jailbreak Required]

Have you ever wondered how to change your carrier name to your own custom name? well, there's an app for that, MakeItMine via Cydia offers this feature, it change your carrier name (i.e. AT&T) to your own custom name, free your self! (more…)...read more