Morning coffee with morning press

Today traditional print publishers are practically in a similar situation as music labels were five years ago, when they understood clearly that their clients can get all creative work through the Internet. (more…) more

Windows 7 for iPad

iPad has real chances to become a general-purpose device both for ordinary users and representatives of business area, it can be even used for professional purposes. All due to the virtualization program Receiver produced by Citrix Systems that enables work with Windows OS applications on Apple tablet and successful use of the whole device functional in these applications. (more…) more

Get your money ready for the day after tomorrow

Apple by tradition stirs up interest before iPad release in order to attract more users. The news got about that since 25th February Apple will start to take preliminary payment for the tablet which hasn’t yet come into the market, the device itself won’t appear on the counters until the end of March. (more…) more

Let’s shove iPad into … pocket

Still, the world takes tablet Apple iPad as improved out of gauge iPhone. Some people even consider the gadget can be pocket. For example, company “OhNo! Doom Collective” from Chicago produced conceptual jeans iBap with huge pocket on the bottom sewed specially for iPad size. (more…) more

SDK 3.2 beta

At the presentation of iPad Apple promised to release toolbox SDK for iPhone platform OS 3.2 on which the gadget is based. Steve Jobs kept his promise and on February 10, 2010 in USA participants of iPhone Developer Program gained an access to the toolset. (more…) more

Apple doesn’t “kill” detached eBooks

You’ve certainly noted availability of new application iBooks in iPad during the presentation of the device. Immediately after the presentation developers of such well-known eBooks as Stanza, ShortBook sounded the alarm because realizing its application Apple automatically “kills” all alternative eBooks. Really, why should users install even free eBooks if there already exists specialized application in the system, which is in addition worked out by the company itself? (more…) more

iPad advantages and disadvantages review

Let’s sum up the results of Apple iPad presentation because it caused apparently ambiguous reaction. There was both delirious admiration and utter disappointment. Let us try to remove rose-coloured glasses of “judge of creation of Apple developers” and make an independent review of Apple iPad advantages and disadvantages. Thus, developers market the tablet as a cross between iPhone and iMac. However there appeared also the following versions of its positioning in the Internet, for example, sub-iMac, over-iPhone and “usual iPhone got doped more

Apple iPad specification review

After long and agonizing languors of all Apple equipment fans, after making them hysterical because of lack of information that resulted in different fabrications about “What should Apple iPad be like”, Steve Jobs has finally presented his new creation iPad. So, what is this device and what are its capabilities? To find out this see the specification below. (more…) more

New Apple creation – tablet computer iPad

On January 27 in the course of press-conference in San Francisco Steve Jobs presented his new Apple creation – tablet laptop iPad, also known as Apple Tablet. (more…) more

Blue Attack

I should start by saying that I am a big fan of Blue Defense. I love the look and control aspects of the game, and, most of all, for some reason I loved that instead of a health bar you were given the population of your planet and you sadly had to watch it as it counted down to the extinction of your planet.It made me want to get revenge for each death those Red Bastards had caused. And now, finally I have my chance. (more…) more