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Apple Working on Video Ringtones for iPhone

Apple recently filed a patent which describes methods for creating video ringtones for iPhone. Specifically, the technology will allow users to automatically combine sound and video from various sources, including iTunes and iMovie, to create custom audio-visual alerts for incoming phone calls. (more…)...read more

iPad 2 Will Only Have a Front Camera [Patent]

Over the past few weeks, we reported you about the upcoming iPad 2, which expected to hit Apple Store by the first quarter of 2011. It is also rumored that there FaceTime video calling, today we can say that rumor has pretty much been confirmed as China's Patent and Trademark office officially published a series of new Apple Industrial Designs wins. one of them was Apple's iPad Camera Connector. (more…)...read more

Accessory Transceiver to Make Calls with iPod touch and iPad?

A new and interesting Apple patent appeared between 27 Apple patent applications published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. According to the patent, Apple is working on an external transceiver that would turn an iPod touch, iPad or any mobile device into a real cellular phone. The patent, called "Accessory Transceiver for Mobile Devices," was noticed by PatentlyApple today. (more…)...read more

New Apple Patent to Merge Audio Jack Holes

We have announced before about the recent Apple patents just like disable jailbroken devices, iMac Touch, faster autofocus and etc. , Today a new patent by Apple reports that it wants to merge the two holes in its device to one hole, as you know the two holes are one for the headphone jack and the other one for the microphone. (more…)...read more

Jailbreak will Simply Disable Apples Spyware to Detect Jailbroken iDevices

Two days ago, we reported you that Apple applied for a patent to disable / control jailbroken devices. Today, Chpwn, considering him a member of the iPhne Dev Team, has sent a tweet that if Apple applied a spyware to detect jailbroken devices, They will simply disable it in the upcoming jailbreak! (more…)...read more

Finally, iMac Touch Shows up in Apple Patent

Patently Apple has reported a new Apple Patent which shows the possibility of a touch enabled Mac called "iMac Touch" which was rumored and floating on the web DigiTimes. This iMac can be used under Mac OS X and also enables the user to switch to iOS when sliding the computer down for touch input. It has a stand, when you slide it down, you can change it to iOS interface and start using it as a desktop iPad. (more…)...read more