Apple strongly recommends everyone to change orientation

All Mac owners know that Apple is specific company however the Cupertino team doesn’t stop amazing us. This time one of the companies-developers was refused publication of game update for the iPad in App Store because: (more…) more

Apple bans for “illicit” movements

That is nothing new that Apple censors of App Store applications are the sternest judges but the fact they try to assume to themselves a right to certain gestures gets, as for me, beyond narrow bounds of the concept ‘format.’ (more…) more

The iPad was separated from the iPhone in App Store

Apple finally finished making changes in App Store; as the result, the iPad apps were separated from the iPhone apps. (more…) more

iWork for the iPad

One of the first apps for the iPad which appeared in App Store is an office suite of desktop applications iWork created by Apple itself and well-known by many Mac users. Though, in contrast to the Mac version where all three apps – Pages, Numbers and Keynote are in a single package, we will have to purchase them separately for the iPad. (more…) more

The iPad fever of developers

According to statistics 44% of applications for the iPad, which has been currently submitted to Apple, are games, 14% are entertaining applications. This fact means that the iPad is still taken better as an entertaining device than a gadget for work. (more…) more

National Public Radio and The Wall Street Journal kill Flash

In addition to new AppStore software, NPR and The Wall Street Journal plan to develop the versions of their web sites specially for iPad users, the main feature of these versions will be a total absence of Adobe Flash technology. (more…) more

Review of original accessories for the iPad

There has appeared new section on App Store, it relates accessories for the iPad. Altogether Apple presented six official accessories, their reviews are as follows: (more…) more

B&N eReader is new iBookstore’s rival

This Thursday Barnes & Noble revealed its plans concerning development of its e-reading software for the iPad, the application is said to compete even with Apple iBookstore. (more…) more

Size still matters

The iPad’s launching is just around the corner. The Internet is full of rumors about soft from App Store for this device as its facilities are much more comprehensive than those of communicator. But few people have noticed that we won’t get so usual apps as Clock, Calculator, Weather, Voice Memo and Stocks with the gadget. (more…) more