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Will the New SHAtter Jailbreak Block Installous? Nope

In case you are living under the water and don't know that Chornic Dev Team was thinking to block installous app in the upcoming jailbreak. In other words, they plan to fight piracy. We received a lot of questions today “Will really Chornic Dev Team block installous app?” “Won't we be able to use installous anymore?”. Here's the fact about what I think and what will happen! (more…)...read more

IPA God to Install Cracked Apps on iOS 4.1 / 4.2 Without Jailbreak [Update 1x]

Some hackers are coming with a new app called "IPA God" which allows you to install apps from the App Store for free directly on your iOS devices. According to the developer, it don't need jailbreak. This apps is based on exploit found on iOS 4.2 / 4.1 that allows you to create particular files on the filesystem. It works the same AppSync works. So who to blame? I think Apple. (more…)...read more