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Expert named the cheapest and most effective remedy for impotence

The easiest and most effective way to prevent impotence was named by a British psychotherapist-sexologist. According to her, the effectiveness of this method is tested not that it would be for years, but for centuries.

Problems with erection – this is the most terrible fear among men, which has a basis. Many men experience erectile dysfunction, especially after the age of 40. And there are many reasons – stress, fatigue, bad habits. Having experienced the first problems, men experience even more stress, often not trying to understand the causes of this trouble.

The expert believes that the refusal of penetrating sex will help a man to gain the old strength. The doctor offers a strong semi-monthly abstinence. At the same time, they are better to focus on foreplay and affection.

Prelude allows the couple to enjoy each other, give pleasure, while the man will not feel desperate desire to feel an erection. The sexologist warns that the pair will have a hard time initially. We will have to fight against the strongest sexual arousal. But in the future it will remove all questions to male potency. However, there is an easier way to return the former erection – to buy Cialis at a low price on

The doctor claims that the long-term practice of this method makes it almost flawless in combating the threat of impotence.