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Coming Soon: Doom Resurrection

The game that led the way for all later FPS&#8217-s is being developed exclusively for the App Store.

John Carmack from id Software has confirmed a Doom game that is being specifically developed for the iPhone. For those unfamiliar, the Doom franchise is a series of FPS&#8217-s from id Software, also the developer for the Quake series. The first game was released in 1993, and has since seen three sequels with several expansions and a movie. Doom opened up the FPS genre by bringing in 3D graphics, multiplayer, and user-generated expansions.

id Software has already released a 3D FPS onto the App Store, Wolfenstein 3D Classic. Partnering with Escalation Studios on this game, to be called Doom Resurrection, it is not a port of any previous Doom game, but rather built with only the iPhone in mind. The story is similar to that of the previous Doom games: the player controls a lone Marine soldier, a survivor on an isolated research center on Mars that has been overrun by monsters.
Resurrection is to have all the original weapons and almost the entire monster set from Doom 3, even the bosses. The game will be a “on the rails” shooter with about five hours of gameplay from eight levels. The player can interact with the scientist NPC in the game. If the player is in the right position, an on-screen button will allow the player to take cover. Movement will be controlled via accelerometer and tapping the screen will fire.
The engine from Doom 3 was optimized for the iPhone, and is capable of running on the iPod Touch 2G at 30 fps with most of the textures from Doom 3, but obviously with downgraded resolution. The first gen iPhone can run it at about 15 fps. Also, once the 3.0 software update is released, there is potential for future updates, such as cooperative multiplayer. Carmack says he hopes to even bring Doom, Doom RPG, Quake, Quake 3 and Orcs & Elves to the App Store. The game has been in development for a half year and will release on the App Store next week.


4 Replies to “Coming Soon: Doom Resurrection”

  1. Charlie

    i hope it comes soon!

  2. Glenn

    Video Added, and yes this looks fansastic

  3. inogard

    Excellent, thanks Glenn.

    This may be a “must have” just from the video.

  4. inogard

    I just saw the first video of this… If you have not seen video of the gameplay – WATCH SOME.

    Without a doubt the best looking FPS for the system so far. Very very excited about this.