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AT&T plans to regulate your iPhone usage!

It seems AT&amp-T is shifting the blame for it’s network troubles in some select cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco not onto themselves but squarely on the back of their customers who own an iPhone.

You see according a recent MSN article it seems AT&amp-T believes you are causing the problems with dropped calls, slow Internet speeds, and overall quality of the phone calls. AT&amp-T, which has an exclusive right to sell the iPhone in the United States, wants you to stop using the iPhone as much and is looking to forcibly regulate users by either restricting speeds in some areas to charging addition fees for services to slow down your usage.

AT&amp-T is not alone as all of the mobile carries are struggling to keep up with the growth of the Internet based wireless community.

According to research firm Sanford C. Bernstein “The average iPhone user consumes five to seven times more data on a monthly basis than an average subscriber who mainly uses a handset for phone calls”

It may come as a shock to AT&amp-T that they may have to invest more time and money in network infrastructure investments simply because we like to use our forced AT&amp-T exclusive and contractually agreed upon iPhones for more than calling mom and pop. The fact that you somehow managed to assure Apple that consumers would get the best experience and competitive rates for your exclusivity didn’t mean that you could sit back collect your money and not invest in growth. I’m sorry your inability to plan, implement and adjust to changing market conditions fast enough may eat into your bottom line.

However restricting access, artificially capping bandwidth during busy hours or charging additional rates for services that are / should be free on other carrier to offset your lack of foresight shouldn’t be my problem.

Im already paying you for 100% unlimited 3G speeds and any adaptation of that agreement isn’t acceptable. I could care less about AT&amp-T losing anything on this deal it’s their problem, however the real losers are Apple and the consumers. With a heavily restricted plan and bogged down speeds and phone services some users are turning away from the iPhone because of AT&amp-T.

This is something Apple needs to address. It’s in their best interest after all. Maybe opening up the iPhone to additional carriers is the answer. Whatever needs to happen needs to happen fast.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why tethering has kept being pushed off till 2010 under the guise of needing more work when the jailbreak version has been working perfectly for quite some time already.

AT&amp-T needs to get it’s act together and stop blaming it’s problems on the consumers and own up to their faults. Without I’m sure you would have plenty of bandwidth but that car and house your CEO’s and VP’s are living in might be a bit smaller than they would like.

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  • Jason

    I believe AT&T will lose 90% of IPhone customers. I know I will unlock and T-Mobile it. Thanks for the good article.

  • k88dad

    The solutions for now are simple:

    1. Jailbreak and go T-Mobile

    2. Carry an iPod Touch and a phone with real service