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We are testing the iPad. Our review is as follows

We call your attention to our small review of Apple iPad. So:


About the box and set we can say that it’s simple, tasteful and without extras. The package itself is small, when we open it we see the iPad itself, charger and sync cable.

There is neither screen duster nor huge manual in the box. Apparently, Apple decided to use the already familiar plan, that is the less we put in the box the more chances are that user won’t get enmeshed and even more chances he/she will buy additional accessories :)


Well… We take the device from the box, have it in our hands. The very first moments it becomes apparent that designers worked excellently. The gadget has perfect tight-knit construction. The iPad is very handy and arises only positive feelings.

There is sync/charge slot at the bottom of the device. There is a speaker to the right of it, its maximal volume enables watching video even in noisy rooms.

Sideways, on the right there are two buttons: one of them is speaker volume control, the other is charged with screen position lock (if you toggle this slider box the screen will stay in the position it is currently.) There is the device ON/OFF button and headphone jack on the top.

That’s all. There are no USB/MINI USB and other inputs/outputs in the iPad (by the way, Apple released the accessory enabling USB devices connection to the iPad.)

Switching on

So, the device was examined from every quarter and now is just the right time for switching it on. We push the button on the top and see painfully familiar icon ‘Connect iTunes’. We connect it. An instant later the iPad ‘comes to life’ and we run our fingers over slide to unlock area.


The display quality bursts upon the eye straight away. The colour rendering is excellent, there is bright and saturated gamma. I am almost tempted to say “Wow!” There are no questions or complains to the guys from the Cupertino company. The screen is really perfect.

Map, GPS

It was a pleasant surprise that the iPad fast and precisely found our location. However, when we tried to do this trick in the car and route we failed. The iPad immediately demanded the Internet connection. In reply to our refusal to connect it with Wi-Fi network we received firm “no” from it concerning our request to route.

The fact of the matter is the iPad (Wi-Fi version) identifies the position not through its built-in GPS module but through Wi-Fi network. That’s why those who want to use the iPad as GPS will have to wait for 3G version.


It’s unalloyed pleasure to browse the pages by the instrumentality of the iPad. No matter how you rotate this device, the whole page is displayed. It can be extended just as we used to do this on the iPhone. Flash, as expected, doesn’t work on the iPad.

To watch a video on YouTube it’s enough to press the one-reeler on the page.


The impression of work with mail is as well pleasant as of web pages browsing. Everything works clearly and without any complaints. In different screen positions either the whole letter or the list of letters is displayed.

If the incoming letter contains doc, xls, pdf files in attachment you can easily open them straight through the mail app.


It’s needless to say that we couldn’t resist the temptation to see some of our favorite applications on the large screen. So, the App Store icon was one of the first we tapped.

To our astonishment, the iPad initially refused to connect to App Store. In order to make it work we had to go to settings and connect to the account manually. Just after this App Store was successfully triggered. We downloaded several apps and proceeded to test them.


We can tell for a long time about this program with price tag free in App Store. In a few words we can say that the iPad is an excellent eReader. The following screenshots are the evidence of this.


Many application developers managed to rework their much-talked-of products for the new platform by the iPad launching.

We started some of them and it became clear that those who are fond of games will surely like the iPad. As not a single mobile device has such abundance of colorful games.


Apple really succeeded in releasing the revolutionary product which is sure to leave its own stamp in IT industry. The device will be developing rapidly in the nearest years. It is quite possible that in 2-3 years the word iPad will be directly associated with tablet computer just as the word iPod is now associated with player.

For truth’s sake we should say that the iPad can’t take the notebook’s place so far. Nevertheless, Apple didn’t intend to release the product which will replace usual for us personal computer.

We all have common impression of the iPad testing, i.e. ‘I want it!’