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SDK 3.2 beta

At the presentation of iPad Apple promised to release toolbox SDK for iPhone platform OS 3.2 on which the gadget is based. Steve Jobs kept his promise and on February 10, 2010 in USA participants of iPhone Developer Program gained an access to the toolset.

Although this new SDK is at the stage of beta version it allows creating the applications optimized for Apple iPad. By the way, exclusively for iPad because iPhone and iPod touch support is not provided at this point. iPad’s display is bigger with 9,7-inch diagonal that of course must be taken into account by developers of applications.

iPhone SDK 3.2 supports abundance of fonts and their sizes, it also makes possible to work with video output to the outward display due to docking station connector.

It is interesting that SDK has camera support while iPad, as we remember, doesn’t have it. This presupposes connection of outward camera or confirms a rumor about update – tablet with integrated camera or maybe this package will be also supported by iPhone hereafter.

Apple enabled one more feature which was unavailable before. The question is about support of internet telephony VoIP over 3G networks. The first and so far the only application for such calls is iCall though previously it worked with Wi-Fi only.

At present simulator in iPhone OS 3.2 SDK includes only two applications – “Settings” and “Contacts”. For aid of developers there are provided the examples of codes, necessary tools and documentation.

Participants of iPhone Developer Program can download the package from Apple web-site even now. The company recommends developers to keep their eyes open and right now start creation of programs which we will see only in March when iPad will enter the market of USA.

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