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Math Flash Cards HD – simple mathematics

Price: $7.99
Download link: iTunes

AppStore has so many entertaining and educational apps as though there are summer holidays now, children should remember everything they learned during the past year. To improve grader’s numerical ability, there was developed Math Flash Cards HD – a splendid educational app aimed at perfecting children’s addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math skills.

It is easy to use and offers many customizable options. For example, parents can add multiple students and customize each profile for their level. In settings, you can select the type of math problem (add, subtract, etc.) and also the number of problems asked during each “test”. If your kid is struggling with specific numbers, you can select only those numbers to appear in the problems. Settings also enable parents:

– to give children multiple choice answers or let them enter answers using a keypad;
– to provide a time limit
– to allow negative numbers.

As soon as you have entered your pupil and selected the settings, you can start. Children view their problem, pick or enter their answer, hit the green arrow button and receive immediate feedback for both correct and incorrect answers. Upon completion, they get a Report Card with their results (there is the number of questions, the number correct, the number incorrect and the completion time).

The app also has two mini-games for students. The first one shows a problem with two numbers and you must select the appropriate math symbol (+, -, or x). The second game is for younger children learning to count. Students count apples and then select the matching number from a list of four choices at the bottom of the screen.
Parents can see their children progress due to a Report Card, they should just tap the top of menu.

The app costs $6.99 and is one of the most expensive math programs for children in the Education category. Let’s watch the video:

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