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App Review – Screenwriting for iPad

Screenwriting for iPad is a kind of app that may not suit the regular users but should be very useful if you are stepping into the screenplay writing or already a writer. Let’s have a quick look on what screenwriting does for writers.

The app is overall well made with some cool options to write or edit your writing works. The home screen displays all your projects in the app and tapping on one drives you to the main editing page. You can edit the content from there, delete it, change the style.

There is an option to export the project right from your editing screen to your pc or mail. Also you can import the already started works into the app. So these looks pretty useful when working with long term projects. Here are some features the developer listed,

• Just Tap where you want to start Typing! (Landscape Mode)
• Use the Light Slider to quickly navigate through the app! (Portrait Mode)
• Import Scripts from your Favorite Desktop Screen Writing Apps!
• Create Scenes!
• Create Characters!
• Save Multiple Notes for your Scripts!

The import/export features does the job with the .FDX file format so that it would be easier to proceed with your script in other Screenplay applications. Of course the app will make your tasks pretty easier even on the move! The application costs $2.99 in the US app store.

Download Screenwriting. (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/screenwriting/id371495641?mt=8)

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