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$2 for access to the Net, it’s expensive but…

Boingo released new application which helps get the iPad online without any ties to AT&T. Boingo’s Wi-Fi Credits software also supports iPhones and iPod touch devices and offers wireless access to the Net for $1.99 per 1 hour. This new software became available in the iTunes App Store on March 29, it leverages a user’s iTunes account for payment.

In contrast to the Boingo monthly subscription plans when you pay $9.99 monthly by contract basis, Boingo Wi-Fi Credits are meant for accidental web surfer. Users buy one or more credits subject to their needs. Each credit gives 60 minutes of wireless access to the Internet.

You get the first credit for free upon installing the Boingo Wi-Fi Credits app, for block purchase of 10 the company adds one free credit. Wi-Fi can be used at any of Boingo’s 30,000 U.S. locations or 125,000 worldwide hotspots, however the software is currently available only in the USA. Boingo’s hotspots are basically found at major airports and chains. The company promises to make the software available in other countries at an early date.

The application provides a mapping service which will help you to find easily hotspots in the Boingo network. It would seem why do those people with a Wi-Fi + 3G iPad model need Boingo’s new product as AT&T is offering free Wi-Fi with the iPad’s 3G monthly service? But what if you decide not to use 3G on your iPad for a month? Then you will have to rely upon free hotspots or AT&T’s Wi-Fi On the Spot product which offers pay-per-use Wi-Fi and costs $3.99-$7.99 per session. For $1.99 an hour, Boingo offers you not bad alternative.