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iPad accessories

Despite the fact the long-expected device hasn’t yet come into the market developers are by this time inventing various handbags, cases, holders, docks, adapters and covers for iPad.

Remember that iPad set consists only of iPad itself, charger and instructions therefore everything else you’ll have to purchase apart.

By the way, original Apple iPad Case looks very stylishly, it can fold up in such a way that transformes into a stand or docking for iPad. iPad Case can be used both in horizontal panoramic and vertical position. That is enough for protection and comfort. The case costs $39.

For vertical placing of the device only original docking is suitable. There are two versions of this docking – Dock and iPad Keyboard Dock.

Standard Dock is a compact angle which can be used both as stand and as USB port for connectors. This nice accessory costs $29.

iPad Keyboard Dock is similar docking with keyboard. Undoubtedly, such accessory is not portable; it is rather desk version as it is inconvenient to use keyboard display at table. This docking version will cost you $69.

So far there are no more additional gismos proposed by Apple because iPad is quite self-sufficient gadget and doesn’t require additional accessories except cable and adapters for off-site equipment, as Apple Team considers.

However, accessories producers are on the alert and soon there will appear lot of proposals for iPad and other companies.
For example, one of Thermaltake subdivisions occupied with accessories for computer equipment, prepared very nice black aluminum stand for Apple iPad – LUXA2 H4 which makes possible to hold the gadget vertically and connect adapters etc. without taking up the device itself. Hereafter this stand may become incrusted with Swarovski crystals in order to make it not only practical but also stylish.

A great number of such accessories will appear at the market soon for just as with iPhone this production has its permanent demand and ensures its owner uniqueness, which is so precious today.