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Old School on your iPad

You must admit that despite the fact that all these newest games are very cool and realistic, sometimes you feel nostalgic for Battle City or Zelda:) If sometimes you’re disposed to regress to childhood, then this article is for you. We’ll tell you how it’s possible to play games from Super Nintendo on your up-to-date iPad.

So, you’ll need the following equioment:

– iPad, of course;

– PC/Mac sync cable;

– Mac or PC;

– Nintendo Wii Wiimote;

The actions you need carry out, are as follows:

1. Jailbreak your iPad. Download Spirit. Start the app, click Jailbreak and wait until your device reloads.
2. There appears Cydia (third party software loader) on your iPad’s screen. Open it and accept all offered settings. Then enter snes4iphone into Search in this program. Before downloading you should buy the app for $6 (you can do it via PayPal).
3. When Super Nintendo emulator is downloaded, you’ll need the games proper. There are two variants of their downloading:
– directly from snes4iphone; it’s possible to download games from any web site and they will be saved in the right folder on your iPad;
– you need download a file browser (for example, iPhone Folders for Windows or Cyberduck for Mac) on your computer, connect it with your iPad and save ROM files into /var/mobile/media/ROMs/ folder.

The following video shows the whole process:

If you want to make it more convenient you should do the following. In order to optimize games controls, you can connect Wiimote to your iPad. To do this, open snes4iphone settings and enable its support. To sync the app with a joystick, restart the program. Voila! Now you can enjoy Old School games :)