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Space Rage 3D

As a child one of my most vivid memories was spending the night at a friends house. His parents let us stay up late and watch the first (4th) Star Wars movie. It was at that point that I decided that the coolest job in the world would be to pilot an X-Wing or Tie Fighter. Space Rage brings that feeling to your iDevice. (more…)...read more

Blue Attack

I should start by saying that I am a big fan of Blue Defense. I love the look and control aspects of the game, and, most of all, for some reason I loved that instead of a health bar you were given the population of your planet and you sadly had to watch it as it counted down to the extinction of your planet.It made me want to get revenge for each death those Red Bastards had caused. And now, finally I have my chance. (more…)...read more

Jaadu VNC Review

Having owned and reviewed a couple of different remote connectivity devices for the iPhone i was expecting a very similar experience with Jaadu. Boy was I wrong. (more…)...read more

ClusterBall Arcade

If you are looking for a break from all of the classic racers in the app store, you might want to take a look at Clusterball Arcade. (more…)...read more

Chess Pro

Chess is a game of strategy, it teaches one planning and accounting of various possibilities for yourself and your contender, it teaches correct reasoning and logic, military strategy and tactics, it disciplines the mind, enhances concentration of attention, strengthens intellectual and volitional abilities, and now you have the chance to take the game of kings anywhere you go. (more…)...read more

Where To Golf

Are you the kind of person who travels around with a set of golf clubs in your trunk just in case you can grab a quick 9 holes on a business trip or while visiting relatives? If so today is your lucky day. We have found the PERFECT app for any serious golfer. (more…)...read more

Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor

While the Apps store has had it's fair share of racers, puzzle games, and tower defense games, he RPG genre has been a barren wasteland for the most part. We've seen rushed ports, and remakes of older consoles shoe horned on to the iPhone until now. Com2us has designed the first true from the ground up RPG made for the iDevices so how does it hold up?In one sentence I would say The Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor is a cross between Zelda and World of Warcraft. I know those are two are vastly different games but Inotia has somehow managed...read more

Space Ninja Review

Space Ninja isn't your average 2d space shooter. In fact take everything you know about the genre and toss it in the trash this game breaks all those traditional rules, and I highly recommended Yose Widjaj to seek immediate entrance into the witness protection program. (more…)...read more

Bounce On Review

It's a safe bet that the developers at Team Phobic the makers of the new iDevice game entitled Bounce On must have spent some quality time playing the Mario games over the years as Bounce On seems to be heavily influenced by the series. (more…)...read more

Apple Of Troy

I have given a lot of thought to this subject since the iPhone was announced and finally released. I've spent countless hours debating on forums with people I never met over the pro's and con's of Apple entering the gaming market with the iPhone and iTouch, but none of us could have predicted the overwhelming success of the Application store and how Apple is single handily changing the gaming industry.Apple has never been know for gaming, the gave that up after their failed attempt at a gaming console with the PiP PiN some years back, and since...read more