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The Best Android Guitar Apps

The following guitar apps represent simple and easy to use options for learning to play, tuning your guitar or entertaining without getting corns on your fingertips from plucking strings.

While having a guitar app on your Android is a great way to jazz up the scene or entertain yourself wherever you are, you can enhance the experience by attaching external speakers or using headphones with your phone or tablet to get a better sound.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Ultimate Guitar Tabs is an easy and convenient application for viewing guitar Tablatures, bass Tablatures, drum Tablatures and chords. The app gives you unlimited access to the large database of Tabs from Ultimate-Guitar.com. You can also use the intuitive viewer to browse the collection of over 400,000 Tabs and then learn or practice your favorite songs wherever you are.

Tab Pro is an add-on to Ultimate Guitar Tabs that gives access to over 150,000 interactive Tabs. It allows song playbacks and switching between instruments to learn Tabs on the virtual guitar fretboard.

If your device has limited internal memory, you can now store both the application and Tabs to the SD card for offline use.

Main features:

  • Quick Search to find Tabs quickly by entering artist name or song title
  • Add Tabs to your Favorites to make them available for offline browsing
  • Search for Tabs by specifying Tab type, part of the song, difficulty level, tuning, and rating.
  • Create custom Tabs lists and save them to your favorites
  • View chord diagrams while reading Chords and transpose chords easily
  • Collections of pre-selected Tabs – Tab Packs are based on skills level, music genres, and special occasions
  • Top 100 Tabs list for each Tab type (Guitar, Bass, Chords, Drums or overall).
  • Random Tab. Load Tab for a random song

Tab Pro includes:

  • Supports the Tab Pro format, similar to Guitar Pro and Power Tab.
  • Multitrack. Audio mixing is in your hands, change volume on any instrument.
  • Chords. Shown above the corresponding beats for optimum visual cues.
  • Fretboard display. Get the perfect view of the notes’ placement on each fret.

Guitar Chords Lite

Guitar Chords Lite offers you easy access to over 400 chords + possible variations displayed in standard tablature notation. The Pro version allows you to search for chords by single frets, play sound of chords and can be set for left-hand and right-hand players.


Guitar Tuner

This guitar tuner allows you to select a string and then tune your guitar string to that note. If you don’t know which notes to tune your guitar strings to the app shows you with a graphical guitar, and will also play the notes for each string.


Guitar: Solo Lite

With Solo you can play along with your favorite songs, or create some of your own with an authentic sounding guitar. The app has haptic feedback to simulate the vibration of the strings as you play. It’s ideal for jamming sessions when you don’t have your guitar with you – it can also be used as a tuning reference.

The full version has a huge chord library, but the free demo version also includes:

  • An authentic sounding acoustic guitar
  • The ability to create and load custom chord layouts
  • Many settings to customize the app to your playing style

The full version also has:

  • Classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitars, each with authentic sound
  • Ability to create your own chords
  • Play along to any music loaded on your phone
  • Get chord and lyric overlays from the web – excellent for teaching yourself how to play new songs
  • Play with a capo to fit your vocal range
  • Create, load and save chord layouts of your favorite songs
  • Customize the UI to fit your playing style

Guitar – Virtual Guitar Free

This is an electronic programmable guitar that looks realistic and has HD sounds. The app is suitable for the students, for entertaining friends, and amazing your partner. The app has lots of songs for you to play – you can choose from online chord sequences or set it by yourself, save it on your device and share it with the world.

There are more than 100 available chords you can play or combine to create new songs – you will also like the shake to play feature.

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