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Best Android Flashlight Apps

If there is an unexpected power cut, or if you need to find something in an unlit corner you will be happy that you have a flashlight app on your phone.

These apps can be more than handy in an emergency such as trying to change a flat tire in the dead of night. Some of these cell phone flashlight apps can even help you jazz up a party with music synchronized strobe lights.

Color Flashlight

Helps you descend a dark stairwell, find your keys in the dark or change a flat tire where there is no streetlight. This app is also flexible and helps you use your Android’s light sources in a number of interesting and useful ways.

  • Maximize screen brightness
  • Change color of flashlight
  • Normal Flash: screen flashlight, camera LED flashlight
  • Useful light effects: text, scroll, slide
  • Strobe and police emergency light effects
  • Fun flashlight effects: candle, disco, rainbow, blink, spiral

TeslaLED Flashlight

This highly configurable Android flashlight also allows you to turn on the LED as a light source or use the device’s screen as a light source – in this case the screen light can be made to look like a spiral LED bulb.

Other features of TeslaLED include:

  • LED flashlight
  • Widgets
  • Strobe and Morse Code
  • Screen light (White, variable brightness)
  • Police screen light (flashing reds and blues)
  • Can keeps the screen off while the LED is on
  • Notification icon to quickly turn off the LED
  • WidgetLocker support, activate TeslaLED from a slider on your lock screen

Shake – Flashlight

This flashlight app is perhaps on of the simplest of this bunch, in terms of feature-set and ease of use. When you need a flashlight you simply shake the phone and it will turn on the light. The shake to turn on feature works even when the screen is locked but not when the phone is in sleep mode – tap the screen to turn of the light.

Brightest Flashlight Free

This free phone flashlight app will turn on all available lights on the device including the camera flash/LED, screen, keyboard backlight, soft keys and notification LED – the automatic timer will exit the application after 2 Minutes.

Tiny Flashlight + LED

This app does more than turn-on your phone or Tablet’s LED to illuminate your dark surroundings. In fact it can also turn the device’s display to mimic a traffic light, light bulb, Morse code, Text to Morse, Strobe and Police lights.

There is no question that Tiny Flashlight + LED is one of the best flashlight apps available for Android devices and is one of the few free flashlight apps that has different widgets to choose from.

Better FlashLight HD + LED

This too is a top-rated Android flashlight that can help you lively up a party, read in the dark or better cope in an emergency. The app has 6 modes that include:

  • Bright flashlight for devices with LED
  • Colorful screen lights (compatible with all phones without LED)
  • Variable speed strobe light
  • Colorful light bulbs
  • Sound sensitive disco mode
  • Shake mode to enable/disable the light

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