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Avast Android Security App Review

In an independent report from AV-Test it was revealed that Avast was a top performer among a sea of Android antivirus apps that seemed worthless to protect Android phones tablets against malware and other security threats.

You get a good sense that Avast is serious about security when at the setup screen you are asked to give a name to disguise the installation. This is great of hiding the fact that there is an anti-theft app installed just in case someone tries to uninstall or otherwise disable the app to accomplish some other malicious objective.

Avast Protects Against

Once installed Avast Mobile Security goes about protecting your Android from: viruses and other malicious activities. You can also use this Android security app to see how many apps are accessing sensitive data or accessing your contacts and have permission to change your security settings.

On its own the app will constantly monitor content on your Android along with the web pages you visit to block and protect you from malicious activity, but you can use Avast to setup a firewall (needs root access), anti-theft measures, call filtering and manage applications.

Feature List

Avast is more than a simple Android antivirus app though, in that it has a long list of security features to protect your phone tablet and by extensions your interest. The list includes:

  • Antivirus
  • Privacy Report
  • SMS/Call Filtering
  • App Manager
  • Web Shield
  • Firewall
  • Avast! Anti-Theft

  • App Disguiser
  • SIM-Card-Change Notification
  • Trusted SIM Cards List
  • Remote Settings Change

Anti-theft & Device Recovery

You can even rally Avast to protect your interest even while your Android is out of your protection and care. You can use SMS commands to perform the following tasks remotely if the phone is lost or stolen – SMS commands can remotely sound a siren, lock or locate the device, wipe its memory, forward calls, display a lost notification or simply restart the device.


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