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Android Fitness App Overview – JEFIT

The JEFIT Android fitness app was designed by serious bodybuilders to help others improve their workout sessions with routines from its detailed exercise database. It also allows for easy body statistics tracking, and can even be used to create custom routines.

Why is JEFIT considered to be the best workout app by its users:

  • Large exercise and routine database
  • Two-way synchronization with online JEFIT Profile
  • It’s an easy way to track your workouts, body statistics, lifting progress, and save all your progress to keep you motivated for future workout sessions
  • The workout routine manager helps you to create your own routine base on built-in exercises and custom exercises. You can even adjust sets for each exercise
  • The instant workout function allows users to perform an exercise without having to edit routine

Detailed Exercise Database:

  • Has hundreds of weight training exercises built-in and they are all categorized by body parts to make them easy to find
  • 500+ exercise instructions, animations and tips
  • Track cardio, weight lifting milestones, fitness and strength training exercises

Smart Logging System:

  • Automatically save your best lifting record for each exercise
  • Automatic weight and reps input
  • Automatically record your 1RM (1 rep maximum) for each set

Progress Tracking System:

  • Graphical chart for tracking both body and lifting stats
  • Tracking for body fat, weight, chest, arms, shoulders, forearms, neck, hip, waist, thighs and calves measurements
  • Auto-calculates your BMI

Two-Way Synchronization:

  • Synchronize your workout data with your Online Profile
  • Store information and data on the JEFIT Server and recover info in an instant but there is no need to log into website to record your workouts as you can synchronize and download workout routines onto your phone

Interval Timer

  • Countdown interval timer to perform exercises under a certain time limit
  • Stopwatch function to time your workouts
  • One click instant switch between functions

Resting Timer:

  • Adjustable resting timer between sets
  • Reminder for what exercise you need to do next
  • Shows previous training logs while taking break.


With so many features, it is no wonder many of JEFIT’s users regard it as the “best Android fitness app” on the market – and even so considering the fact that the app is free. We too think it is a must have Fitness, GymLog and workout app.

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