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Why Should You Buy the New iPad ?

Apple recently launched the new iPad which has again got a very good consumer responsive as it is receiving very good reviews and sales also. Here are listed some key features because of which you should buy the new iPad :

The new improved retina display which goes very well with its quad core display.

The new iPad features a better quality Camera that is 5 megapixel rear camera.

AT&T offers 4G plans for the new iPad which is optional and further there are no other extra added noticeable feature in the new iPad.

But there are some reasons that can forbid you to buy it like the design of the new Apple iPad is same like the old one. There not much much noticeable change in processing except that the graphics are grown brighter. Also the the new iPad is heavier than the previous one which makes it a bit difficult to carry.

Most of the people who are buying the new iPad are the fans of Apple Products because since there is not much of modification in the iPad so it can not create the craze that was created by the iPad2.

According to us if you already own an iPad then buying this new will not give you some better experience.


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