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Apple to Compete with Cheap Android Phones With Nano iPhones

The main reason of the growth of the Android in most of the countries is because of the its cost and everyone agrees upon it. Since Android is available for free, every company has started making Android phone, not caring about the license. This lead launch of many low cost Android phone which has really helped Android grow its market all over the world.

cheap iphone nano

Looking at the growth of the Android Market we find that there must be a way to target the consumers of the low range mobile users in that case Nano iPhones are the best way to attract and spread more of iOS in the world

To compete with cheap Android Phones Apple has brought up an idea of a Cheap iPhone most probably to be named as Nano iPhone. Nano iPhone will cost around $200 or around similar range. The phone is being developed by Apple to attract more customers and spread its iOS just like Android. However the launch date of the iPhone Nano is not available right now but still people are waiting for its launch. The Nano iPhone features will quite good with the price range and would be the best phone of that price range.




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