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Apple iPhone 5 Rumors and Expected Features

Apple iPhone 5 is one of the most waited gadget of the year. People are waiting for it desperately. Here are listed some cool features that are surely expected to be in the iPhone 5.

apple iphone 5 release date

After the huge success of Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Note, the trend of larger screen size has become quite popular and this trend is also attracting many customers. So it is expected that the new iPhone will have a larger screen size about 4 inches.

With the larger screen size, the iPhone5 is also going to come with the new OLED display which will give users a better user experience. The new display will provide the users better graphics.

The last release of the Apple iPhone 4S was record breaking product which crossed all the limits of sales and proved as an successful product of Apple Inc. So this time we are expecting something much bigger which can again break all the records again.

Apple products are known for their innovation, so we all the fans of Apple are desperately waiting for the iPhone5 which will bring something new for the mobile industry just like the Apple iPhone4S brought a new era of talking to your phone with the personal assistant application Siri.

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