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Eric Schmidt says Android Activations Doubled

It was just a matter of few months, when about 700,000 new android devices were activated per day back in December. This number increased rapidly in June when activation of 900,000 android devices started per day and now the chairman Eric Schmidt announced that about 1.3 million android devices are getting activating per day.

These android devices include smartphones, tablets, smart watches, mp3 players and cameras. The number of android activations has doubled in eight months which is good news for Google and hard sales record for Apple.

According to results of a survey conducted, 52.2 per cent of the population is now using Android smartphones which makes Android as the most popular smart phone OS. If we look at the market share of the manufacturers, then still Apple is leading brand with about 33.4% of market share, then comes Samsung with 25.6% and the third entry is LG with 16.3% market share.

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