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Dexter Morgan Coming For You on Android

Dexter is one of the most popular serials in the world by Showtime whose character Dexter has fans all over the world. Dexter is loved by millions of people despite of being a serial killer in the show. A game is going to be made on this popular character.

In the TV series Dexter kills murderers and is successful in escaping from being arrested. This charater has been shown very beautifully in the Android game which is developed. Just like the serial, in the game also Dexter has syringe with tranquillizers which is the first step of killing according to Dexter’s steps to kill.

So far Dexter has completed six seasons successfully out of which every season is a hit, now the viewers and fans of Dexter are desperately waiting for the seventh season which is going to start this year in October.

The game is developed by Ecko Code in collaboration with Showtime in a way that the fans of Dexter will not be able to resist themselves.

The game will be available for Android, iOS devices and you PC soon. The price of the game is not yet announced.

The game will only concentrate on Dexter and the other characters like Debra or comic Character Masuka will not included in the game. The will be based on finding the killers and killing which will be done only by Dexter. Here is the trailer of the game for you.

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