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Nexus 7’’ Tablet to Launch in India in October

Nexus 7 Tablet by Google has received a huge positive response from people all over the world as large amount of Nexus7 Tablets are sold. The tablet has very good specifications and also it is quite powerful to run applications and games. However the Tablet is launched in just few countries. There are some countries where this masterpiece is yet to be launched. One of these countries is India where there is huge market for selling Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

Sooner Google Nexus Tablet will also be launched in India and most probably it will be available in the month of October. The price of the Google Nexus Tablet in India will be around $199 which is Rs 11,500 in Indian currency.

The Tablet has a huge scope of success in India as so far there is no Quad-Core processor featuring Tablet is available with Android 4.1. Further since the price of the Tablet is also less, more people would be able to purchase it.

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