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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean : First look

Android 4.1 which is also known as Jelly Bean is now announced by google for its Google Nexus 7 Tablet which is being produced by Asus. Google has also started the pre-order of this Nexus 7” Tablet in some countries. After a few time Google will be starting the pre-order in

Android 4.1 ( Jelly Beans ) is like and new version of the ICS ( IceCream Sandwich) which is the android 4.0 as most of the changes are like modifications to the previous version but these modifications are still able to provide a better user experience and fresh interface.

Here are some of the key features which can be noticed on the Android 4.1-

  1. Better Keyboard with improved word prediction
  2. Voice Input for typing
  3. Better Integration With Google+
  4. Upgraded Notification Bar
  5. Better and Higher Resolution
  6. Android Beam Which allows the transfer of photos and other files
  7. Upgraded Searches by Google

If you are already using ICS then you will not find much of the difference in both but definitely Jelly Beans is a bit faster than the ICS.


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