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VLC Media Player Coming to Android in Weeks !

The extremely popular VLC Media Player is now coming to Android! VLC Media Player is an open source program that has almost every codec built in so that no other codec pack will be needed to play other media formats. VLC Media Player is famously used because even if your media file is damaged, you can still play what is detected.

VLC Media Player has already been brought to the iPad on September 20, 2010 and was later brought to the iPhone and iPod a month later. The main issue about releasing VLC for Android was becuase Google’s NDK only allowed it to be in Java coding. Now that Google has changed its NDK, developers can now use their original coding to develop Android apps. With most VLC Libraries already ported to Android, there is still a problem of how the app will word on the Android. How will the user interact with it? Where will everything be placed? Will it be similar to the iOS app of VLC? Stay tuned and find out! [The Next Web]

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