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Viber for iPhone Brings FREE Unlimited Phone Calls to Rival Skypes App

Skype developers should worry starting from now as it has new competition on the iPhone platform thanks to Viber, a new VoIP app that allows you to make unlimited free calls to other iPhone users over Wifi and 3G connections. The app is totally free, runs in the background without draining your battery, doesn’t have any ads and won’t charge you anything to make calls.

Everyone who have an iPhone should go ahead and install this app right now. When you install Viber on your iPhone, the app syncs your device’s contact list and shows you which of your friends are also using Viber so you can make free calls to them from your iPhone, regardless of the model you use, no user registration required (not as Skype!).

Viber uses Apple’s push notifications to receive calls even when closed, by clicking “Answer” on the resulting alert opens the app and connects the call.

Here’s other good news TechCrunch reporting for Android users, the company is currently working on developing a similar app for Android users and aims to release it in the first quarter of 2011. Viber will also introduce free text messaging between its users the same as HeyWire.

What’re you waiting for? Just head over app store (iTunes link), install it then tell your friends to do the same. I doubt I’ll be using Skype for iPhone again. Anyone else will go with me?

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