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Twitter for Android Gets Twitter iPhone App Features

Android users rejoice! Twitter for Android has received a major update which includes some awesome enhancements and introduces a more consistent experience keeping users well updated, connected and with access to features as compared to Twitter for iPhone App.

Major updates include Swipe on a tweet and options like retweet, links to the profile of tweeter, favorite etc.

Some of the major updates of the release are:

  • Tweet details page: Twitter has changer the layout of the timeline and introduced a Tweet details page, which you can access by simply clicking on a Tweet. This feature makes it easier to click on links and reply to, retweet, or favorite a Tweet.
  • Speed: The app is now even faster. In this version, Twitter has tried a new way of drawing a timeline of Tweets that optimizes for scrolling speed.
  • Pull to Refresh: This popular feature, which was first available through our iPhone app, functions just as it sounds – when you’re at the top of your timeline, simply pull down to load new Tweets.
  • Swipe to Reveal: Swipe across a Tweet to get quick access to several options, such as viewing a user’s profile, sharing a tweet, or replying.
  • Quote a Tweet: Clicking the retweet icon now gives you the option to quote a Tweet. Of course, you can still retweet as you normally would.

The app is out now on Android Market, get it while it’s hot!

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