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Quick Features Guide for iOS 4 before Updating

Apple will push iOS 4 after 3 hours from Now. I already posted what to do before you update to iOS 4 [Posted Here] and Compatible Apps with iOS 4 [Posted Here] But now I’m going to post full features guide Just before the update, You will know what you are going to update too!

Changes in iOS 4
There’s a lot of Changes happened in the iOS 4, the most attractive feature is Multitasking between Apps that has been Added, Check the quick features Guide

Yes, the most popular and important feature that Added to iOS 4 is Multitasking, This feature really hurts Android OS. Apple added fast switch between apps but this feature is coming to iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3G only [This is the bad thing], Also I already collected a list of Apps that are compatible with iOS 4 and can do the Multitasking [Full List Posted Here]

Home Screen:
The main Background in iOS 4 Home Screen is water drops with gray color. Also If you updated to iOS 4 you will find Clock, Compass, Calculator, and Voice Memos have been moved to a Utilities folder by default which was found in the beta 4 release of iPhone OS 4

Virtual Keyboard:
Instead of touching the globe key to cycle through languages on the virtual keyboard, you can now hold it down to get a popup showing all enabled international keyboards languages.

iPhone and iPod touch can Stay connected to Wi-Fi when Sleep mode in the new iOS 4, this means that apps that require an active Wi-Fi connection can just keep working.

Drag-and-Drop simplicity feature added, Now you can use an easy way to move between folders, Drag and drop between them is simple and funny, Also you will Get faster access to your favorites and browse and manage up to 2160 apps.

See messages from all your accounts in a unified inbox, organize messages by threads, open attachments in third-party apps. Also Apple has added (finally) a character counter so you can know the number of characters you have written.

Digital Zoom:
It’s 5x digital zoom so you can get closer to your subjects by zooming. When you tap the screen a sliders appears, by touch the right side will zoom and the left side will decrease zoom.

Spell Checking:
Spell check which was added to iPad 3.2 has been added to iOS 4 as well, it’s avaliable for all your apps by a built-in spell checker system same to the iPad’s one.

Apple has already announced that they are bringing iBooks to iPhone, they will add new features as notes, bookmarks, and highlights will automatically be synced across all the iOS devices logged into your iTunes accounts.

Not Changed in the new iOS 4?

  • Stocks
  • Weather
  • Voice Memo
  • Clock
  • Calculator

[via TiPb]
I think this is enough till the final version of iOS 4 be release in the next 2 hours, I will write a full topic of new features after the release of iOS 4 in next hours, So stay Tuned on Twitter or on Facebook.